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Friday, July 1st 2016

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Cheeky Take on an old Fable

A commercial twist on an old fable. In this ad from Japan the characters are a little different and so is the moral.

Celeste Really Likes Playing with Layla's Boobs

Not that anyone's blaming her because Layla has fantastic boobs. They take their time getting wet and soapy and spend a lot of time naked.

Looking Up At Tessa's Soapy Boobs

Tessa hits the shower in a thin shirt and teeny thong. Lots of bouncing and soap while she pays special attention to two of her most prominent features.

Layla on the Couch Minus Her Clothes

Not a lot going on here besides a naked and busty Layla stripping on the couch. That's more than enough to keep things interesting, though.

Thursday, June 30th 2016

Odette Interviews a Naked Joseline

Blonde interviewer Odette can't help touching Joseline's boobs during her interview. She does a very thorough inspection after getting her out of her clothes.

Spending Time with a Nude Miela

Miela's in a tropical locale and it must be hot because she's got nothing on. It looks like she's been working on her tan without a swimsuit.

Jayme Undressing at a Shopping Center

The place looks closed for the day but there are plenty of cars passing nearby. Hopefully anyone who spotted Jayme just enjoyed their good luck.

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

Behind the Scenes at Sweetheart Video

Six naked ladies talk about their scenes together right after shooting them. Everybody seems to get along really well which is probably good when your job involves being naked together.

Dillion Getting Ready for a Massage

Dillion's changing into some special clothes before her masseuse comes in. She uses the chance to make a sexy video for her boyfriend.

Laura Undressing on the Couch

Laura's wavy brown hair is long enough to cover her boobs. Fortunately it doesn't do much of that during this photoshoot.

Tuesday, June 28th 2016

A Steamy Shower with Kaley Kade

The glass door gets pretty steamy so Kaley just leaves it open. It's a great place to make designs with her boobs though.

Noelle Comes Into the Office Soaking Wet

After her umbrella fell apart in the rain, Noelle's thin white blouse was pretty much see-through. She gets a surprise visitor while she's changing.

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Can You Spot the Fake Butts?

Two 'bootyologists' in training do their best to decide whether these girls' butts are real or not. They all look pretty good to us.

Bryoni's Tight Dress Stretched to the Max

Look but don't touch is the theme for this video. Since Bryoni has a whip it's probably a good idea to obey.

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