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Spying on Kelsi

Kelsi's roommate is following her around with a camera and harassing her in general. After pouring water on her he sneaks up on her in the shower.

Alexis Looks Good Naked and Wet

We come in just as Alexis is stepping into the shower. She drops her towel to reveal a great set of boobs and hot body in general.

In the Shower with Crystal

Crystal likes to take her time in the shower. Considering there's no shower curtain she can take as long as she wants.

Jessica Getting Sudsy in the Shower

Jessica's in the shower for this video and there's not much more going on than that. Not that we need any more than that.

Kendra's Having a Bubble Bath

Kendra's looks great having a sudsy bath. She's got a shower attachment for easy rinsing too. She keeps her makeup on though.

Jelena Showering After a Swim

Jelena just finished a nude dip in the pool and she went straight to the shower. It is pretty convenient and definitely hot.

Lacey Taking a Shower in Her Swimsuit

Lacey was rinsing off after a swim and kept her suit on at first. Eventually she decides nude is better.

Spying on Sophia Showering Outside

Sophia thought she was alone when she showered off after a day by the pool. At first she was annoyed at being spied on but she didn't stay upset long.

Candice Undresses After Some Sparring

Candice was doing some boxing and she's ready to hit the showers. First she's got to get undressed and grab a towel.

Marsha Flashing at the Beach

Marsha was goofing around at the beach which included showing off her ample ass. After teasing in the sand she gets a surprise in the shower.

Olyfka Just Got Out of the Shower

Her hair's still wet and she can't find a towel but it's the perfect time for some photos. Pretty girl with a nice body.

Britney Takes Some Selfies Before Her Shower

Britney just finished working out but before she hops in the shower she makes time for some selfies. She gets some good angles too.

Hayley Showers in Her Stockings

Considering how good they look we can understand her reluctance to take them off. Very hot set of the lovely Hayley.

Watching Zoey in the Shower

We get a great look at Zoey's ass as she strips for a shower. And we see the rest of her as she soaps up. They chose a good angle to record from too.

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