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Sarah and Jemma in The Shower

What's better than a hot girl taking a shower? Two hot girls showering together of course. Your prize for guessing is a sexy shower video.

Megan Takes Her Time Getting Dressed

Megan just took a shower and is in no hurry to dress. Not the best quality but her hotness makes up for it.

Shower Time with Jenni

Jenni lolling about in the tub and playing with the shower-head. Perky tits and nice bellybutton jewelry.

Patty Getting Ready for a Shower

It's time to wash up and we get to watch Patty undress. Big booty, great tits and no clothes.

Sandi's Tiny Wet T-Shirt

Sandi is taking a shower outside. She keeps her clothes on for some reason but her shirt is wet and very clingy.

Jennique Behind the Shower Door

Jennique's taking a shower and luckily the shower curtain is transparent. Steamy set, literally.

Claudia Showering Outside

I"m telling you these outdoor showers are the key to nude babes. At the very least they're the key to people taking photos of nude babes in your shower.

Tessa Fowler's Topless Shower

You've seen the video now check out the photos. Something, something why are you still reading?

Boobie Painting with Stacey Von Nude

She actually puts a bit of effort into it which is fun to watch. Bonus shower footage at the end!

Amateur Amber's Slippery Seduction

At first Amber's hiding behind the shower curtain a little bit. After a few photos she seems to relax and really get into it.

Marina Visconti Showers Outside

Installing an outdoor shower is an excellent home addition. It really seems to attract sexy women that want to strip and shower.

Cherry Takes a Long Shower

Cherry got a great natural body and we get to see it all. She's got a kinky girl-next-door look.

Ashley and Abigail Get it On!

After showering and putting on make up, Ashley noticed Abigail on the bed and thought she looked like fun!

Janessa Getting Ready to Shower

It's not the first time we've seen Janessa getting wet but it never gets old. Not much showering but lots of nudity!

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