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Carolina Getting Ready for a Shower

Carolina left the door open and we couldn't help noticing her lack of clothes. She doesn't mind the attention, though.

Ross in the Shower

Ross made sure to leave the door open while she cleaned up. It's a glass door but we appreciate it just the same. Here's what she did after the shower.

Nina Doesn't Want to Get Dressed

Nina just got out of the shower but isn't ready to put anything on yet. No need to rush, especially with a body like that!

Nicolette Washing Off Her Body Paint

After a photo shoot in body paint, Nicolette heads to the shower to wash up. She's not in a rush and neither are we. Watch her get painted in this video.

Victoria in the Shower

Nothing like a shower after a swim and Victoria wasted no time getting under the water - she didn't even finish taking off her suit first. Nice of her to leave the door open.

Brook Wore Leggings in the Shower

We can understand wearing a bikini in the shower but the leggings seem like overkill. Guess that's why she takes them off.

Alexis Taking a Long Shower

We have to wonder whether the shower's glass wall is for looking out at the view or watching Alexis. We know what we'd use it for.. The pics aren't bad either.

Anna Stripping for a Shower

Anna can't decide between a bath and a shower so why not both? We're fans of anything that keeps her naked.

Claudia Showering Outside

Claudia sheds her bikini for a rinse in a spacious outdoor shower. It's in a secluded spot but lacks a door.

Katerina's Massage & Shower

Katerina's at the spa for some pampering. After a thorough rubdown she heads to the shower where she has some fun with her incredible boobs.

Lara Wakes Up with a Shower

Lara slept in but eventually rolls out of bed and heads to the comfort of a hot shower. It's pretty hot from this side of things too.

Alexis Taking a Hot Shower

We have no idea whether the water's hot but Alexis sure is! Lots of sexy pics of her in a giant, luxurious shower.

Yuki Having a Bath

She's got the best of both worlds with a detachable showerhead which also gives us a great view. The lighting is more horror movie than glamour shoot but it works.

Darcie Dolce Taking a Shower

We've already seen the photos from this shoot but wow, the video is better. There's lots of time to take in Darcie's pretty face and incredible body.

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Nikki Davis Wet T-Shirt on a Beach

This is the video to go with this gallery of the lovely Nikki Davis posing in our S&F on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.