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Alexis Taking a Hot Shower

We have no idea whether the water's hot but Alexis sure is! Lots of sexy pics of her in a giant, luxurious shower.

Yuki Having a Bath

She's got the best of both worlds with a detachable showerhead which also gives us a great view. The lighting is more horror movie than glamour shoot but it works.

Darcie Dolce Taking a Shower

We've already seen the photos from this shoot but wow, the video is better. There's lots of time to take in Darcie's pretty face and incredible body.

Ross Drying Off

She just got out of the shower and Ross is taking her time drying off. Curvy girl with big natural tits.

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Random Photos 474

Fresh out of the shower and looking so fresh. Here's a nice booty gif for the owner of this shop. Meanwhile here's a reminder of just how amazing Erica looked naked. And finally, a casting jackpot.

Watching Candice in the Shower

The curvy and fit Candice Brielle is in the shower and she's left the door open. That, combined with her glass shower door and firm body, makes for a great show.

Dani Daniels Having a Shower

Dani's pretty glamorous in this video, especially since she's in the shower. She looks great and gives us lots of views of her lovely, naked body.

Sheila Ortega Oiling Her Curvy Body

After stripping out of her Venezuelan-themed bikini Sheila gets all oiled up. Next it's time for a quick shower before she heads to the couch. There's a video too.

Gina Trying on Some Outfits

Gina tries on a pair of shorts then switches to leggings before ditching both and heading to the shower. Curvy girl with a nice butt.

Fedra Finishing Up with Her Shower

Fedra's all cleaned up but she's in no rush to get dressed. We certainly aren't going to do anything to speed her up, not when she's not bothering with a towel.

Lana Strips for a Shower

Lana's hitting the shower before she heads to bed. Not a bad way to end the night, especially since we get to watch.

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Outdoor Showers Aren't Private

We're not 100 percent sure what's going on in this clip from the French comedy series Palmashow but it involves a topless girl showering outside soooo..

April's Got Her Own Waterfall

April's got the perfect place for some privacy and a personal shower, courtesy of mother nature. She brought a sheer coverup but doesn't use it for anything but sitting on.

Cosmic's Big Tits in the Shower

Busty brunette Cosmic is in the shower in her thin, white shirt. She pulls it down to reveal some incredible natural breasts and a slim frame.

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Nude Girls Live on Cam

Yes, this is another post about the wonderful world of MyFreeCams! Hands down, the best cams site the internet has to offer. We have a thread talking about the girls on there here.