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Jordie and Barbie Shower Together

Jordie walks in on her friend Barbie taking a shower. Not to worry though, there's plenty of room for both girls to shower.. and more!

Carmen Terrell Showers and Strips

Just for something different, Carmen tried showering while still clothes, then stripping!

Taylor Vixen Films Herself in the Shower with a Waterproof Camera

And now for something a little different, Taylor shows us what it would be like to shower with her. Spoiler: it's wet and hot.

Eva Lovia has Fun in the Shower

The cute and sexy Eva has finally got her very own site! To kick things off she invites us to watch as she took a hot soapy shower. Bonus boobs pressing against glass photos!

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Reveal the Naked Girl in the Shower - Crazy Japanese Game Show

Saying 'crazy' next to Japanese Game Show is a bit redundant.. This looks fun until a dude is rubbing his junk in your face.

Sexy Sunny Strips for a Shower

She's taking her sweet time stripping for a shower and that's alright with us.. Sunny has surely earned legendary status by now.

Watching Destiny Moody Shower

She's a hot 24 year old who isn't at all shy, in fact she doesn't mind if we watch her shower!

Hitomi Tanaka Morning Nudity

If you thought Hitomi Tanaka looked good before, wait until you see her morning routine. She takes her clothes off in bed, brushes her teeth nude and hops in the shower.

Nicki Minaj Instagrams Her Shower Pics

I'm not sure this is newsworthy but I'm sure someone out there will care.

Eve Angel Showers and Strips

Eve loves her outfit so much she kept it on as long as possible while taking a shower.

Lily and Alice Play with Their Boobs

That view looking up at their boobs at around the 2 minute mark is just out of this world sexy. Then it's time to hit the shower for a wet t-shirt look!

Cute Katie Takes a Shower

English hottie Katie thought the best way to show us her new pink bikini was by taking a shower with and without it on.

Sexy and Busty Jana Defi

When Jana isn't outside doing a professional and classy photoshoot, she's in the shower washing her boobs!

Naked Nika Showers

Perky Czech Nika takes a shower with the door open because she knows we love watching!

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