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Nikkala Giving the Neighbors a Look

Nikkala just got out of the shower and she doesn't bother with a robe for a glance out the window. The sun probably isn't the only thing peeking through the blinds.

Say Hi to Rachel and Her Loose Dress

Rachel answered the door with her button undone and she doesn't stop there. Before heading to the shower she offers a sexy striptease including some poses on the counter.

Leah Wants Some Help in the Shower

Leah's been out in the sun and she's ready to clean up but she doesn't want to go alone. Besides, she could use an extra set of hands.

Maria Goes from the Pool to the Shower to the Pool

Maria's spending the whole day without a stitch of clothes on. After swimming around in a giant pool she heads inside to clean up.

The Best Way to Advertise Shower Gel

All you need is a beautiful girl, an outdoor shower and not much in the way of clothes. Emphasis on the beautiful girl.

Linda Won't Come in Out of the Rain

It's warm enough for Linda to enjoy an afternoon shower and she'd rather feel the rain on her skin. It's one from the archives so the quality could be better but too hot not to share.

Hayley Checking Herself Out in the Mirror

Hayley heads to the mirror after a shower and can't seem to tear herself away. We can understand her fascination.

A Long Shower with Kylie Page

Some very nice photos of Kylie in the shower. After soaking her outfit she plays with the water and presses her boobs on the glass door.

Antonya Feeling Sexy in the Shower

Antonya is the reason that glass shower doors exist. She puts a robe on afterward but is too excited to keep it on for long.

Anya Interview in the Shower

Anya is between scenes in the shower. She doesn't have any hot water but still has a bright smile.

Nikki is Spending the Day Outside

Nikki's cooling off by showering in her shirt. In the end she takes it off altogether and heads out for a ride in her overalls.

Bailey Wants to Share Her Boyfriend with Her Roommate

After spying on Ivy in the shower, Bailey's all worked up. When Ivy walks in on her fun, Bailey convinces her to join in.

Ember Volland's Shower Hour

Brunette hottie Ember bares all as she jumps into the shower and gets clean. Some great ass shots in this one..

Amber Hahn Showering Outside

The best part of nude swimming is not having to wash a swimsuit. Just kidding. It's watching Amber showering naked.

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