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Added: 10/26/2012

Nude Girl at the Beach Paid to Get Hula Hoop Cam'ed

With all the hula hoop cam videos lately it was only a matter of time someone did it nude. And the MoneyTalks guys delivered.

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Added: 10/20/2012

Barbara Takes Off her Bikini

When Barbara arrived at the beach she decided ditch the bikini and hopefully put a smile on a few faces.

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Added: 10/12/2012

Tilly Topless at the Beach

Meet Tilly, she's 23, from London and we've found her on vacation in Ibiza. I guess there's something about this place that makes girls want to go topless!

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Added: 10/09/2012

Full Breasted Yara Nude on the Beach

Yara isn't at all shy, she's so comfortable being naked in public she can often be found parading nude on the beach.

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Added: 10/09/2012

Very Hot Valeria A Strips

Ukrainian Valeria invited us down to her favorite spot on the beach where she took off her swimsuit to really enjoy the water.

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Added: 10/06/2012

Eileen Strips at the Beach

Czech Eileen found a quiet place on the beach where she could take off her bikini and enjoy being naked!

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Added: 10/04/2012

Evelyn Gets Naked at the Beach

Sure it's a topless beach but Evelyn was enjoying the sun so much she went ahead and took the bottoms off too. She's just not a fan of tan lines I guess.

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Added: 09/27/2012

Adult Toons 19!

It's been nearly 4 years since we've last posted a batch of S&F tooons. Well, our cartoonist Jerry is back which means we're going back to posting them regularly again!

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Added: 09/09/2012

Barbara Bares It All at the Beach

Brunette Barbara bares her beautiful boobs and booty at the beach. That's enough b's for one description..

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Added: 09/07/2012

Dominika Goes Nude at the Beach

This isn't the first time we've seen her stripping at a scenic beach and hopefully not the last.

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Added: 09/06/2012

Devon Alexis Nude at the Beach

Wearing nothing but her sunglasses busty Devon enjoys a hot summer's day at the beach. Awww, yeah.

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Added: 08/25/2012

Beata B Strips at the Beach

Brunette Beata B boldly bares her beautiful body at the beach.

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Added: 08/24/2012

Hayley Marie Strips at the Beach

The always hot Hayley goes out for an early swim at the beach and decides to strip down to nothing while she's there. Wise decision.

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Added: 08/23/2012

Sarah and Stacey Have Got It So They Flaunt It at the Beach

Two 21 year old British girls get their boobs out on vacation. Stacey (ie the one with the big boobs) has gone on to become a full time model!


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Added: 08/17/2011

Janessa Brazil Strips for Us. WOW!!

This could just be the hottest fan video ever. Janessa (Penthouse model, Miss Howard TV and Random Photos star) has really outdone herself in this video for us. Go watch it, now!