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Tuesday, April 25th 2017

Elizabeth Enjoying Some Watermelon at the Pool

Wow, nice pool. Nice day for a naked swim with the lovely and busty Elizabeth. After a snack she crawls around the edge of the pool.

Britney Getting Ready to Play

She might not be able to tap out a tune but she's got another kind of play in mind. Lucky for us she's starting with a striptease.

Rhian Playing with some White Lace

Rhian came out to the doorway and she forgot to get dressed first. Perhaps not so much forgot as planned; either way we're happy for the welcome.

Monday, April 24th 2017

Karlee Lying Around

Karlee's skirt doesn't seem to want to stay down and the rest of her clothes won't stay on. Maybe they clashed with the white decor. Whatever the reason, we'll take it.

Brenda Facchini is Our Kind of Hippy

Brenda's not too hung up on things like clothes, maaaan. She's more about the sun and the surf. She's even got a cool van.

Aisha Making Use of a Chair

It's a fine day for just sitting around and Aisha's a fine girl to sit around with. She's got a great figure, a pretty face and a lovely smile.

Chesh in a Wet, See-Through Top

Chesh has got a big pair of glasses and a big pair of tits to go with them. Nice butt, too. She doesn't take much off but gives us plenty to look at.

Sunday, April 23rd 2017

Reina Getting Some Sun

Reina's makeup looks too good for a swim which might be why she decided to work on her tan. We can appreciate that, especially since she strips down first.

Sophie Wandering Around an Abandoned Home

Nice outfit but Sophie's gonna end up with some odd tan lines if she's not careful. Maybe that's why she gets undressed so quickly.

Sarika Strips After Some Dancing

It's cold and windy outside but Sarika's working up a sweat. Well, she's already done for the most part; now she's mostly sitting by the window and getting naked.

Boxing with Samanta Lily

Samanta looks like she's ready to fight and she's got two big distractions. Her gloves look big enough but her top is not. Hopefully she's more of a lover than a fighter.

Saturday, April 22nd 2017

Samantha's Got Stockings and a Smile

Samantha's got a lot on but it's all lingerie. Pert boobs, bright blue eyes and a preference for being naked-all things we're fans of.

Karina Takes Off Everything but Her Glasses

She's got exactly two things on and both are see-through. One is for looking out and the other's for looking at. We like both.

Carolina's Got a Sly Smile

Her fancy blue dress looks great, especially the slit that goes up to her waist. Carolina looks pretty great without it, too.

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