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Sunday, September 22nd 2019

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Lost Bets Games: I'll Show You Mine

It ended up being a pretty close game although it seemed a little lopsided at first. Nobody keeps all their clothes though.

Alyssia Kent Enjoying the sun

Alyssia didn't waste any time stripping out of some workout clothes, even though she's outside on the roof. She's super hot coming or going.

Pretty Blonde Rosie Topless

Her tight, green dress shows off her legs but we weren't expecting that bodysuit. We were expecting her spectacular tits though.

Heidi in a Little Black Dress

She's just barely in but that still counts. She's trying on a couple of thongs and it seems she really likes the pink one.

Porta Potty Spy Cam

Ella freaks out when she spots a camera in this portable toilet but then she kind of gets into it. This is, by a large margin, the cleanest Porta Potty we've ever seen.

Amy's Old School Plumbing

Is she using the pitcher by choice? Is this how cool people bathe? Amy makes it look sexy at least.

Friday, September 20th 2019

Angela Demonstrates Massage Oil

Angela's demonstrating some sex products for a group of girlfriends and she picks the shy one to demonstrate on. We're guessing she makes a lot of sales.

Hayley Marie at the Playground

Not the best day for a shoot outside but Hayley makes the most of it. How does she look so hot with an umbrella?

Dominika in a Red Teddy

Pretty blonde Dominika and her bright eyes could charm the coldest of hearts. In this case she's taking off some lacy lingerie and stretching out on the couch.

Exercising with Sofi Ryan

Sofi keeps the pounds off and her clothes off with a fearless outdoor workout routine. Check out her overly-excited video here.

Best Nude Girl Battle IV!

There is a wide variety of preferences here at S&F but we all seem to agree that more naked is better! But who didn't wear it best?

Thursday, September 19th 2019

Anny Wants What Her Sister Has

Annie thinks her boring, 'vanilla' sibling is too tame to keep her husband satisfied. She thinks her wild ways are more his style.

Stripping is Five Times the Fun

Lots of colors and variety in this photo session with five hotties in a range of lingerie. They're mostly out of it by the end of the shoot.

Katie Sloshing in the Bath

Katie thought she'd have some bath time alone but someone couldn't resist keeping her company. At least they planned a fun night for after.

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