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Wednesday, September 18th 2019

Tindra Just Wants to Help

When Tindra found out her patient had been waiting all day she wanted to do something to cheer them up. It would definitely work on us!

Serena's Bright Dress & Bright Smile

Serena seems to be having a great time in her garden hut. We sure would be. Check the video to see her answering some questions.

Serena Likes the Beach

This is a helluva location for Serena to have all to herself but it looks like she's alone. She's certainly comfortable enough to be naked and that's what matters.

One of Aria's First Shoots

These are the photos from Aria's first video on S&F. Her gorgeous eyes and fantastic body win us over every time.

Tita Enjoying Waterfalls & Sunshine

Here's some more from Hegre Art's trip to Bali. That tiny waterfall, her pool and that indoor/outdoor shower are all amazing.

Girl Folio BTS: Bike Rides & Panties

It doesn't look like everything's going smoothly on that bike ride but all the flashing seems to have turned out alright.

Tuesday, September 17th 2019

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Random Photos 598

That's actually a solid joke. I could watch this for a while.. These three look great from the front and back. The only appropriate response. And finally, fitness perfection!

Valentina's Bouncy Workout

This small workout room is deserted enough that Valentina isn't concerned about nip slips. When it gets hot enough, she isn't concerned about keeping her top on either.

Serena has a Classy Wreath

Serena is in the studio with a pair of socks and what we guess is a fall decoration. Maybe that means she's spending the day inside decorating - and naked.

Anthea Page in 'Go Down Under'

Anthea has been a fashion model for years and she likes taking pictures too. She's also a fan of yoga and she loves to cook.

Breakfast Boobs with Suzi

Suzi's pancake isn't exactly standard but at least there's a lot of it. Her tits would make everything taste better though.

Monday, September 16th 2019

Lena Likes Being the Boss

Breaking-the-fourth wall seems to be a new thing, at least at Brazzers. If you didn't see the last version of this, it's here.

Ava with a Sneaky Flash

Before the real photos start, Ava was happy to flash the glittery mesh outfit she already had on because she's great. That bodysuit is a real winner.

Rachelle's Dancing Striptease

We're halfway through the video before Rachelle gets her bra off but her camel toe and tiny cotton panties are plenty entertaining until then. Sexy bedroom eyes too.

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