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Wednesday, February 20th 2019

Gianna & Evi Contact the Spirit World

When Evi and Gia find a Ouija Board in a storage room things take a turn for the perverted. The spirits are horny it seems.

Candice Showering in Her Stockings

Well this is a change of pace for Art Lingerie and we're all for it! It's hard to complain about the shapely Candice in the shower after all.

Katie's Excited from Her Night Out

Her girlfriends bailed on her and now she's home with her boring roommate. It would have been easier to convince him if she said it was going to be a stripping dance.

Sneaking a Dildo in the Shower

Someone replaced Sybil's shower hook with a bright pink dildo as a prank. Looks like she has some plans for it that don't include laughing.

Yana Naked in the Window

Yana's an artist from Ukraine who's been a fan of Playboy since she found her cousin's stash. When she's not posing she might be walking her dog or singing in the shower.

Aidra is Ready for a Fire

Aidra Fox is waiting by the fireplace and while she's waiting she takes off her bra and panties. Guess it's time to get some matches...

Tuesday, February 19th 2019

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What size flowers did you get your girl for Valentines Day? You don't see this every day. Apparently this ad had to be taken down after complaints. Good ol' boob flash for money. And finally, sexy celebrations!

Following Rharri Home

This guy was pretty slick with that twenty bucks but not slick enough to get the reaction he did. Her shorts aren't great for jogging but they do look great.

Alisa Sitting Around in the Studio

Alisa's not doing a lot in this set and she's wearing even less. She looks amazing doing it though!

Alana Likes Playing with Her Boobs

Alana says she has a habit of randomly grabbing her boobs and we can't really blame her. She likes nipple clamps too.

Danielle Has a Drink in Her Panties

Danielle was wearing a dress when she came by and she looked great in it. We're not going to complain about her wardrobe change though.

Monday, February 18th 2019

Christie Hitting on the Handyman

Christie didn't want any work done, at least not on her house. She can't seem to make any progress despite her not-so-subtle hints.

Vika Interrupts Her Decorating

Watching Vika add some flowers to her dining room is a lot more fun when she's taking off her dress. She seems happier too.

Michele has the Sauna to Herself

Michele's annoyed that her husband isn't paying enough attention to her but she can take care of herself. In fact it looks like she takes really good care of herself.

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