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Ali's Getting Rid of Her Tan Lines

Ali spends a lot of time in the sun in her bikini. She's still in the sun but minus the bikini. Pretty girl and what a body!

Nicole Cooling Off in the Pool

Busty blonde Nicole Aniston is taking a swim in her birthday suit. Her fit body was made for a bikini. Or for being naked.

Meet Blonde Cutie Barbara Fontenelle

Barbara switches between her pink undies and a floral bikini for these playful pics. She's got big brown eyes, long blonde hair and not much on.

Claudia Gets Out of the Pool and Out of Her Bikini

Claudia's got a great view of the valley from her pool and we've got a great view of her. She's also got lots of privacy for nude sunbathing.

Nikki In and Out of the Pool and Her Bikini

It's a nice day for a swim and Nikki is taking full advantage. Her bikini is nice but she prefers feeling the water on her bare skin.

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A babe decides a convertible is a great place to change into a bikini.. I refuse to believe this was accidental. April flashes with a lot of enthusiasm. And finally, Jeny shows us some love - and more!

Jess Davies' Takes Off Her Top

Jess is getting her tan on and doesn't need her whole bikini. It's a shame she leaves the bottom half on but her exceptional tits make up for it.

Lacey Banghard in a Blue Bikini

Lacey undresses until she's down to her mischievous grin. Some nice views of her butt and of course her ever-popular boobs.

Karter Does the Splits in the Nude

Karter's sexy, flexible and naked, three of our favorite things. Her short skirt and tiny bikini don't make it far in this shoot.

Karina's String Bikini Covers Exactly the Right Amount

Karina wins the prize for the best swimsuit ever. She might get kicked off the beach but she's always welcome at the pool.

Blair Hanging Out at an Epic Pool

Blair is stripping out of her bikini at what looks like a pretty awesome adult playground. Of course with a naked Blair around who needs any distractions?

Tegan's Mesh Shirt and Lack of Pants

Tegan's out on the balcony in a skimpy outfit. After playing with her boobs for a bit she drops her bikini bottoms. Seems like a good idea to us.

Muriel's Got a New Red Bikini

Muriel wants a trip to the beach so she can show off her new bikini. She makes a convincing argument that includes taking everything off.

Hot Girls, Fast Cars and Topless Drifting

Looks like it was a good day to be at the tracks. The bikini car wash was a nice touch. Keep an eye out at the 0:54 mark.

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If my mechanic looked like this my life mission would become to find ways to break to my car. This is one of the best (or worst) YouTube comments ever. And finally, boobies.