Battle Game List

mikegagnon123's Best Boobs Battle

by mikegagnon123

Not a huge battle by any means and a simple enough task, just vote for the girl with the nicest boobs!

Favorite Outfit Battle!

by Isobar

Outfits are usually just a background thing when it comes to babes stripping. Well, user Isobar has brought them to the forefront for this Battle vote-off. Click here to create

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Battle!

by Isobar

Who's the hottest of them all? Vote for your favorite mirror pictures.

Hottest Redhead Battle

by mOOse

New feature alert! Simply click on the picture you like more until there are none left. Go to Photos->Battles to see a listing, or click on the Battle button to the right to

Best Bunny Girl!

by fluffybunny

Pick the girl who wears the bunny ears the best!

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