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Wednesday, July 27th 2016

Gisele Getting Into the Shower

Gisele took her camera to the shower and she spent as much time taking pictures as getting clean. Very considerate if you ask us.

Frankie's Planning a Trip in the Tub

Frankie's looking forward to a vacation and she's got lots of plans already. They include shopping and eating some snails. Soapy conversations are the best conversations.

Jodie's Lounging Around in Her Panties

Jodie came over in her sexiest summer outfit but a surprise downpour means she's stuck inside. No reason to stay dressed while she waits, right?

Tuesday, July 26th 2016

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Oh no, wet paint!! I don't know how anyone could concentrate on golf playing with these two. Yeah, that's not suspect at all.. And finally, now that's what I call good service!

Sneaking Up on Adelle During a Nude Swim

You might remember Adelle's trip to the lake from these pics. There's more bounce in the video as well as a cute accent.

Lana Comes Over to Study, Ends Up Naked

Studying's fun when Lana's around. You don't get much done but you learn a lot. Specifically you learn what Lana looks like naked.

August and Kenna Make a Porno

Paying the bills is tough with crappy jobs and expensive tuition. August thinks they can make a lot of money selling nude videos. She might have a point.

Brooke Ready for a Dip in the Pool

Busty blonde Brooke Wylde strips out of her colorful bikini by the pool. Maybe she's ready to get rid of her tan lines.

Monday, July 25th 2016

Viola and Vanessa Undress Each Other

Vanessa can't wait to get her hands on Viola's massive tits and Viola's happy to oblige. The only thing that comes between them is flowers.

Kylie Interrupts Her Reading to Get Naked

The busty and blonde Kylie was flipping through a magazine when we showed up. She put the book down along with her jeans.

Laya's Nipples Won't Stay in Her Top

Laya's fed up with your lack of focus in class so she's called you in for a meeting. Unfortunately it's even harder to pay attention when her breast keeps peeking out of her shirt.

Justyna Looking Very Fit

Justyna gives us a long look at her tight body posing by the window and on a table. Her ass is incredible.

Misha Exercising Naked

Misha is so good with a Hula Hoop that she can take off her shirt and bra without missing a beat. Her big boobs bounce a lot when she moves on to skipping.

Brook Gets Undressed on the Balcony

Brook's up for the sunrise but she's not ready to get out of bed. Fortunately her bed's on the balcony so she doesn't have to.

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