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Added: 01/29/2016

How to Have Anal Sex

A hilarious and surprisingly informative video. Pretty creative editing and not a bad channel to subscribe to.

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Added: 10/07/2014

Diosa Strips While Dancing the Samba

We posted this video a while ago but it has since been taken down. So here it is again for those of you who missed it the first time!

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Added: 07/10/2014

Adult Toons 60!

It's toon day again on S&F and it's once again Dan's turn to amuse you. The balcony one is a lesson we can all learn from.

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Added: 05/17/2013

Venezuelan Girl Has Incredible Skills

If you're a leg man, I suggest you get some tissues before hitting play. Her name is Diosa Canales and she's a singer/dancer in case you wanna, you know..

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Added: 02/14/2013

Adult Toons 28!

Appropriately enough, this batch of adult toons has a Valentine's Day feel to it. This may be some of Dan's best work yet.

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Added: 02/23/2010

Random Photos 103

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago we broke the 100.. oh wait, that's because it was! Enjoy the latest batch, including the only reason for a guy to watch figure skating.

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Added: 03/26/2008

Random Photos 50!

It's taken a while but we've finally made it to 50. Now onwards to 100! Ps: this is now my new favorite gif.

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Added: 12/22/2007

Random Photos 44

It's been a while since the last one, so this time around there's 30 sexy and funny photos for your viewing pleasure!


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Added: 11/19/2010

Free Live Cam Shows

Just a reminder in case you forgot, this is easily the best free cam site in the world. Tip the girls to get naked and do shows or just sit back and let others do it! Either way, it's a win/win!