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Added: 09/03/2014

Brett Rossi Bares it All

The lovely miss Brett Rossi shows off her yellow lingerie set and how easily it can be taken off. Spoiler alert: turns out it's very easily.

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Added: 08/12/2014

Brett Rossi Strips in the Hot Tub

The lovely miss Brett Rossi broke in the new hot tub and pool with a quick strip and some really hot poses.

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Added: 06/04/2014

Call Me Maybe? Brett Rossi

Brett loves a bit of phone sex every now and then, she clearly really gets into it!

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Added: 04/17/2014

Sexy Viking Brett Rossi

Possibly inspired by the TV show 'Vikings' Charlie Sheen's fiancee Brett dressed up as a sexy viking, complete with a creepy skull. Way to go Charlie.

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Added: 04/13/2014

Brett Rossi Strips at Home

Just a good old-fashioned striptease from a good-old fashion gal. Okay, I'm not so sure that second was is true, but either way.

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Added: 12/03/2013

Slumber Party Confession featuring Brett Rossi and Miela!

Brett Rossi (aka Charlie Sheen's current girlfriend) and Miela get it on while playing pool. Rack 'em up!

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Added: 07/03/2013

Brett Rossi Strips on her Bike

Busty Brett worked up a swear riding around on her bike, so she took off her bikini top and shorts. Sexy!

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Added: 05/09/2013

WhenGirlsPlay: Seducing the New Girl

The WhenGirlsPlay crew are on a lookout for a new girl to join their sexy lesbian adventures so they find themselves in Portugal. I think it's safe to say that everything went well..

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Added: 05/03/2013

Brett Helps Miela Play Pool

Well, it started out with Brett helping improve Miela's pool playing techniques. It quickly turned into some sexy lesbian time.

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Added: 04/02/2013

Yoga Session Turns Lesbian

Eufrat (a fully trained yoga instructor in real life) teaches Brett some stretches and things quickly heat up. Not the first time we've seen this kind of thing happen - click here!

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Added: 02/15/2013

Brett Gets Sexy with a Pineapple

Before you get too excited, she only uses it to wet her exquisite naked body. On second thought that sounds pretty great.

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Added: 02/06/2013

Brett and Nikki's Pillow Fight

There's nothing as hot as two blonde babes getting into a pillow fight that results in nudity and touching!

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Added: 12/06/2012

Brett Rossi Chats/Initiates Sexy Time with Mia Malkova

It is the season to be happy because cute, bubbly and flexible Mia is Twisty's treat of the month! She's a popular girl right now!

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Added: 11/27/2012

Kendall Fixes Brett's Computer

Brett Rossi can't get her new computer to work so she calls for help and ends up with a cute geek girl!

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Added: 11/19/2010

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