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Added: 04/04/2011

Shaking Booties on a Boat

These wonderful booties belong to Ashley, Cali, Charlie, Dionne and Mica respectively. I really need to get a boat.

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Added: 02/25/2011

Cali Lakai Takes Off her Lingerie

At least the top half, the video kind of ends a little too early to see everything. According to her bio she's 35, making her one hell of a hot milf. Edit: apparently she's only 25.

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Added: 02/19/2011

Cali Logan Strips on her Bed

Cute Cali invited us into her bedroom to see her pink outfit, and her tight, soft body.

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Added: 12/19/2010

Cali Logan Strips to Swim

No one is around so now is the perfect time to enjoy the lake and warm sun in the nude! Cali Logan shows she's as hot as ever. Pro tip: view the images in full..

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Added: 09/29/2010

Cali Logan Strips Outside

She came over for a swim and the second she got into the backyard she took off her bikini!

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Added: 08/13/2010

Cali Logan's Bikini Strip

It turned out to be such an uncomfortable bikini Cali took it off before she even got into the pool!

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Added: 08/06/2010

Cali Logan's Mirror Strip

She started getting ready for the day but was too turned on by her reflection to proceed and instead choose to strip down to nothing. Totally understandable.

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Added: 07/28/2010

Cute Cali Logan Strips

American Cali Logan very kindly takes off her lingerie and skirt to lounge around in the backyard.

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Added: 07/12/2010

Cali Logan Strips After Work

It's been a long, hard day at work and Cali is so happy to get out of her work clothes.

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Added: 07/07/2010

Cali Logan Takes an Oily Bath

What's better than a hot bubble bath? A baby oil bath! She will need help eventually getting out of it, being so slippery and naked and all.

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Added: 06/28/2010

Cali Logan Takes off her Tennis Outfit

After losing a tennis match, and a bet, Cali sits on the couch and strips!

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Added: 05/29/2010

Cali Logan Strips for Bed

Cute Cali Logan gets ready for bed by taking off her pyjamas, she looks like she could use a bed time companion.

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Added: 05/20/2010

Cali Logan Strips on the Balcony

One of my personal favorites, Cali chills out on the balcony one lazy afternoon. She likes it so much, the clothes just seem to drop off her. I need this balcony at my house, stat.

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Added: 04/19/2010

Cali Logan Strips on a Bed

Cute Cali is always happy to back up her t-shirt's claims, we even get to see her ass is all natural too!

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Added: 05/12/2011

Nude Girls Live on Cam

Yes, this is another post about the wonderful world of MyFreeCams! Hands down, the best cams site the internet has to offer. We have a thread talking about the girls on there here.