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Added: 10/20/2014

Leanna Decker is the Hot New Intern

Leanna shows up to work wearing only a bikini but unfortunately that is against company policy. So to solve the problem, she takes it off!

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Added: 09/12/2014

Luscious Leanna Decker Strips in the Sun

Luscious Leanna was enjoying a sunny day by the beach so much so she even decide to take her bikini off.

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Added: 08/01/2014

Leanna Decker Strips on the Ranch

Redhead Leanna's on vacation out on a western style ranch, she thought she'd liven things up with a quick strip!

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Added: 06/13/2014

Leanna Decker Body Language

Oh yea, I like seeing the kinky side of Leanna Decker. The side where she wears a skintight latex outfit and quickly strips out of it. Not sure about those shorts though.

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Added: 01/09/2014

Playboy Special Edition: Leanna Decker & Jennifer Vaughn Nude

Instead of describing it, here's some keywords: pillow fighting, spanking, topless shimmy, twerking, boob licking, stripping, nude dancing.

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Added: 12/18/2013

Elegant Leanna Strips by the Fire

You know how sometimes you see a gallery so good that you fall in love with a model all over again? That is Leanna Decker today, and she is a girl on fire.

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Added: 11/08/2013

Elle Alexandra vs Leanna Decker: Devil vs Angel

They seem to get along pretty well, why do we have to choose? Favorite moment of the video: the angelic boob bounce at 2:50. Update: we couldn't resist turning it into a gif, click here!

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Added: 11/08/2013

Leanna Decker's Boob Shuffle Animation

A gif from this video. It's so adorable, we couldn't not do it!

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Added: 10/28/2013

Leanna Decker the Sexy Referee (Nude Version!)

We showed you the non-nude version yesterday and today we've managed to get our hands on the good stuff. Enjoy!

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Added: 10/27/2013

Leanna Decker The Sexy Ref

Yeah, I don't think this is going to be a quality game given that all eyes will be firmly planted on Leanna, the stripping referee.

Playboy's Monday Mash Up: Babes and Food!

Three babes all working with food while looking outrageously sexy. I'd eat Leanna Decker's burger anytime..

Playboy's Best of Naked Redheads

I'm really starting to enjoy these compilations by Playboy. This one features 4 feisty redheads: Leanna Decker, Hayden Porter, Alyssa Michell and Molly Shaw. Hot.

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Added: 05/06/2013

Leanna Decker Wants to Be Watched Getting Nude

We teased you a little yesterday with a non-nude gallery of Leanne yesterday. Well, today you get to see her in all her naked glory!

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Added: 05/05/2013

Busty Redhead Leanna Decker

Leanna is one of the hottest women around these days, she can make any outfit or scene sexy with minimal effort. Too bad she didn't show more.

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Added: 01/23/2013

Busted Filming Chloe James Getting Dressed = Sexy Strip Show!

Instead of being upset she puts on a show for us in this exclusive S&F video! Hooray!