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Added: 03/07/2014

Lucy Vixen's Takes Off her Top

Lucy thought she'd enjoy this warm and sunny day the only way she knows how, by stripping outside!

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Added: 02/11/2014

Lucy V Gets Topless and Rides a Blow Up Whale

I've never wanted to be a blow up whale as badly as I do right now. Come to think of it, I've never wanted to be a blow up whale before.

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Added: 01/18/2014

Lucy Ohara Loses the Dress

Hot redhead Lucy takes her sweet time taking off her dress, but gee her boobs are nice!

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Added: 01/14/2014

Lucy Vixen Cools Off in the Pool

On a blistering hot day like today one of the best things you can do is go topless and enjoy the cool pool water. Look out for a video of her humping a blow up whale soon.

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Added: 11/30/2013

Lucy Ohara's Hot Lingerie

Lovely redhead Lucy shows us her red lingerie and pulls the top down!

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Added: 11/18/2013

Lusty Lucy Ohara Pulls Aside her Dress

The hot redhead wore her tightest dress, but that's not all! She continued to pull down the top half to reveal her boobs.

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Added: 11/16/2013

Lucy Blackburn's Soaking Wet Shirt

Lucy jumped in the pool with her shirt on and came back up with a wet shirt that showed just about everything.

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Added: 10/09/2013

Lucy Ohara's Webcam Pics

Lucy thought she'd break in her new webcam with a few shots of herself... as she stripped.

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Added: 07/31/2013

Lucy Vixen's Boobs go Swimming

Lucy brought her camera along as she and her big boobs go for a swim in the pool.

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Added: 07/21/2013

Lucy OHara's Self Shot Strip

Lucy set her camera up on the floor and went to town with a sexy strip.

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Added: 06/28/2013

Lucy Vixen's Self Shot Pics

Busty Lucy takes off her mesh top and shows off how mountain-like her boobs can be.

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Added: 06/26/2013

Lucy Ohara Strips by the Window

If you're not interested by a room with a bay view, perhaps you'd prefer a sexy redhead stripping instead?

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Added: 06/08/2013

Lucy Ohara's Bright Strip

I'm not sure if she's dressed up as a character, but her hair is really something else!

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Added: 06/01/2013

Lucy Anne Cheers and Strips for Britan

Probably for the London Olympics, Lucy Anne got into the spirit and did a special cheer-strip.

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Added: 11/28/2011

Midori's S&F Strip at Moose Bar

As you may or may not know, I go by the handle 'mOOse' on this site and our forums. So imagine my delight when I saw this set of Midori in my inbox. She truly is sexy and funny.