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Added: 08/03/2017

Maria Naked by the Water

Maria's naked and shiny by a rocky coastline and we think it's a good look. It's a great place for some photos, too.

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Added: 07/17/2017

Maria's Striptease with a View

Maria's found a deserted spot with a great view. She steals all the attention with a sexy outfit and a quick strip.

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Added: 05/18/2017

Maria Stripping While She Works Out

One of the best parts about working out at home is wearing whatever you want. Well, actually maybe the best thing is watching Maria workout, especially since she does it naked.

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Added: 05/10/2017

Maria's Mesh Panties

Maria's underwear glimmers from the front and offers a great view from the back. Here she is stripping it off and bouncing around her bed.

Maria Sheriff Trying on Lingerie

It's tough to pick a favorite from Maria's varied wardrobe. We might need her to change a few more times to be sure..

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Added: 02/12/2017

Maria in a Lacy Wedding Dress

Maria's in a wedding dress and she's got a cushy spot at what looks like a nice resort. She skipped underwear and eventually skips the dress, too.

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Added: 02/05/2017

Marianna's All Made-Up

Marianna's got a sexy dress, a great hairdo and black stilettos. She's not wearing anything under her dress which is obvious when she takes it off.

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Added: 12/30/2016

Dacia Maria Naked in a Bed of Roses

Dacia's got romantic plans for the evening including a bed full of petals. More importantly she's in the bed which is more than enough incentive on its own.

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Added: 12/05/2016

Maria Showing Off Her Smooth Tan

Maria's got flawless skin, a phenomenal body and a tight, white dress. She'd rather spend the day naked from the look of things.

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Added: 11/11/2016

Maria Wears a T-Shirt to the Pool

Maria's top makes it clear she's a 'bomb girl'. Once she's sure we've got the message there's no need to keep the shirt on.

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Added: 11/07/2016

Maria Goes from the Pool to the Shower to the Pool

Maria's spending the whole day without a stitch of clothes on. After swimming around in a giant pool she heads inside to clean up.

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Added: 10/31/2016

Happy Halloween from Maria!

Who needs magic with a body like that? Her skirt is as small as her hat and both come off.

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Added: 08/13/2016

Maria's Got a Colorful Bikini

Maria found the perfect shoes to go with her swimsuit but then decides she'd rather be be naked. We couldn't agree more.

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Added: 05/13/2016

Cutie Maria Going Au Naturale in the Nature

Maria chose a nice place for a photoshoot. She's got a beach, mountains, lots of flora and no clothes.

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Added: 10/13/2011

Nude Girls Partying with LMFAO

A whole bunch of hotties get their bikinis off to party with LMFAO at the Playboy Beach House. The song is called 'Get Crazy' and these girls don't need to be told twice!