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Added: 04/28/2016

Eva's Ready for a Change

Eva's a hard worker who sticks to her routine and aims for success. But when she hears she might get skipped for the promotion she wants, she loses it.

Carlotta Exercising in the Pool

Carlotta does a lot of exercise to keep in shape and she likes to add variety. Her workout outfit looks great in the pool.

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Added: 04/26/2016

Jessica Getting Sudsy in the Shower

Jessica's in the shower for this video and there's not much more going on than that. Not that we need any more than that.

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Added: 04/26/2016

Jazmyn Getting Ready for a Hot Night

Jazmyn is getting ready for a hot night but she's gotta get cleaned up first. Her ass looks great in the lingerie she picked.

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Added: 04/19/2016

Jelena Showering After a Swim

Jelena just finished a nude dip in the pool and she went straight to the shower. It is pretty convenient and definitely hot.

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Added: 04/10/2016

Lacey Taking a Shower in Her Swimsuit

Lacey was rinsing off after a swim and kept her suit on at first. Eventually she decides nude is better.

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Added: 04/05/2016

Spying on Sophia Showering Outside

Sophia thought she was alone when she showered off after a day by the pool. At first she was annoyed at being spied on but she didn't stay upset long.

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Added: 03/28/2016

Marsha Flashing at the Beach

Marsha was goofing around at the beach which included showing off her ample ass. After teasing in the sand she gets a surprise in the shower.

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Added: 03/16/2016

Britney Takes Some Selfies Before Her Shower

Britney just finished working out but before she hops in the shower she makes time for some selfies. She gets some good angles too.

Hayley Showers in Her Stockings

Considering how good they look we can understand her reluctance to take them off. Very hot set of the lovely Hayley.

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Added: 03/07/2016

Watching Zoey in the Shower

We get a great look at Zoey's ass as she strips for a shower. And we see the rest of her as she soaps up. They chose a good angle to record from too.

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Added: 03/04/2016

Taking a Shower with Lillias

There's not a lot of space in the shower but that might not be a bad thing if you're sharing it with Lillias. She looks good in soap.

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Added: 03/01/2016

Alyssa Naked by the Pool

Alyssa didn't bother with a swimsuit for her trip to the pool. She finishes the afternoon with a soapy shower.

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Added: 02/29/2016

A Soapy Tessa Fowler

Tessa Fowler's famous breasts look especially fantastic in this set of shower pics. Nice shot of her butt too.

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Added: 12/29/2014

Best Banned Commercials of 2014

Alright, so some of these are actually parodies but they're all worth checking out. Nice way to close out the year.