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Added: 06/05/2015

Sexy Sapphira Strips by the Sea

Sexy Sapphira slowly and sensuously slips off her shorts with the scenic sea surrounding her. She is seriously seductive and sexy. Saxophone.

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Added: 05/21/2015

Adult Toons 72!

Another installment of sexy and funny toons for your viewing pleasure. This Dave guy sounds like a genius.

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Added: 05/06/2015

Vivien's Seaside Strip

Viven loves stripping by the beach, or just on the coast. There's something just so incredible about the fresh sea air against her naked body.

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Added: 04/16/2015

Boobs and Bacon with Chelsea Bell

There's nothing quite like waking up to a busty babe making breakfast and watching her strip as she cooks! Bonus points if the breakfast includes bacon of course..

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Added: 04/12/2015

Truth About Sex: Booty Call Research

The only thing disappointing about this segment is that we are never told the research results! The lovely topless ladies kind of make up for it though.

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Added: 03/26/2015

Dionne Daniels Strips in the Water

She didn't plan to go swimming so she didn't bring her swimsuit. This wasn't going to stop Dionne, she just peeled off her lingerie in the water.

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Added: 10/12/2014

Lucy Anne Brooks Strips in the Sea

She may have forgotten her bikini, but that won't stop Lucy, she'll have fun in the nude!

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Added: 05/21/2014

Maria D Nude by the Sea

Maria D poses nude by the sea, showing off her perfectly shaped breasts while the sun sets.

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Added: 05/13/2014

Random Photos 318

Remember guys, commas are important! As are seat belts! And now a picture without any educational message, just some nice boobies.

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Added: 05/07/2014

Who Do You Want to See Naked? #3

It's that time again, simply vote for who you want to see naked (by leaving a comment) and come back tomorrow to see if your girl has won! Next week we'll have a 'loser-off'.

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Added: 04/07/2014

New Search Improvements on S&F!

We've upgraded our search so that results come up as you type (3+ letters)! Models are now also part of the search results. Give it a shot and let us know if you find any issues.

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Added: 03/19/2014

Olesya Strips by the Sea

The amazing Ukrainian beauty Olesya enjoys the warmth and the fresh sea air in the nude.

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Added: 07/13/2013

Cute Chelsea Takes it Off

Short dress or long top? Either way, she takes it off to show off her body.

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Added: 07/05/2013

Andriena Strips by the Sea

There's nothing like the fresh sea air against your naked body and Andriena isn't feeling shy today!

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Added: 04/04/2008

Jana Stripping on your Desktop!

You can download this amazing blonde to your desktop safely for free! The full version only costs a few bucks or if she's not your cup of tea other virtual strippers are here.