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Added: 07/12/2015

Cassidy Gets her Big Naturals Out

If you're a fan of large natural breasts then chances are you're going to like what Cassidy Banks has to offer.

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Added: 07/10/2015

Cassidy Cole and her Strapless Dress

Cassidy loves her strapless dresses the best, they're just so much fun to wiggle out of!

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Added: 07/09/2015

Destiny Moody Enjoys a Popsicle

It was an incredibly hot summer's day and the popsicle wasn't cooling her off fast enough, so of course her top and thong had to go!

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Added: 07/08/2015

Ayesha Surihani Strips Outside

Meet Ayesha, she's a 27 year old beauty from Manila in the Philippines, she's petite and is simply amazing.

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Added: 07/07/2015

Nerdy Girl Rosie Jaye

Rosie Jaye is one of those rare girls that not only likes when you talk nerdy to her, she'll strip as you talk!

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Added: 06/28/2015

Masuimi Max's Artsy Strip

We're into the realm of performance art here, except Masuimi will keep you interested and engaged as she gets naked.

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Added: 06/26/2015

The Girls of Digital Desire Battle!

We hate to do this to you but here is another epic battle that will be very difficult to get through. We believe in you though!

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Added: 06/25/2015

Jessi's String Bikini

Jessi from Studio Dolls is very excited to show off her new bikini for the summer. These days, the smaller the bikini, the better, and Jessi knows this.

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Added: 06/24/2015

Valentina Nappi's Incredible Body

Valentina found this incredible swimsuit-type outfit that does shows off her body, complete with side boob, ass and it's stretchy enough to come off easily!

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Added: 06/19/2015

Hottest Asian Girl Battle!

It's time to settle this once and for all. Who will be voted the hottest Asian on S&F? It's up to you, just get through the end and lets see who ends up on top.

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Added: 06/17/2015

Dream Date with Jessica Workman

The beautiful Jessica Workman talks about how her boobs help her stay positive (us too!) and how she wound up having sex on a pool table. Oh and she gets naked a lot too.

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Added: 06/15/2015

Exotic Nici Dee's Kitchen Striptease

She was born in the Czech Republic but apparently has Asian roots. One thing we know for sure is that she's got amazing exotic looks and a great set of perky boobs.

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Added: 06/14/2015

Karlee Ironside in Various Lingerie

She shows off her favorite sets of lingerie in this gallery but unfortunately that's where it stops. I guess we'll have to let our imaginations do the rest..

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Added: 06/11/2015

April Considers Naked Cycling

I say 'consider' because she never quite actually rides it anywhere. I guess that part is up to our imaginations..


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Added: 05/09/2014

Girls Ride a Sex Toy in Public for Charity?!

Wow.. What a genius idea. Raising money in the sexiest way possible. It looks like one girl actually had an orgasm!