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Friday, October 26th 2012

Nude Girl at the Beach Paid to Get Hula Hoop Cam'ed

With all the hula hoop cam videos lately it was only a matter of time someone did it nude. And the MoneyTalks guys delivered.

Thursday, October 25th 2012

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Strip Game - Loser Has to Give a Nude Lap Dance to the Pizza Guy

I've never seen anyone suck at Bizz Buzz this hard before! Her loss is our (as well as the pizza guys) gain!

Wednesday, October 24th 2012

Nina Leigh Asks a Mirror Who the Sexiest of Them All Is?

The response is a resounding 'you!'. So she goes on to strip her lingerie off. Good mirror.

Green Screen Prank on a Weather Girl

Somebody was having way too much fun with this.. Hahaha, given how she switched to English at the end it's more than likely fake, but still funny to watch.

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Nipples + Upskirt = Best Car Ad Ever

And just like that I suddenly like Hyundai cars. I have no idea which country this was for but it's safe to say it wasn't the US.

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

Chrissy Marie's Soapy Shower

The curvy Chrissy Marie needs to spend a long time in the shower to make sure she covers every inch of her sexy body. Those big boobs alone take a good chunk of that time..

Boss Gets a Birthday Surprise!

We liked this gif from todays Random Photos so much, we had to track down the video it was from. So here we are!

Monday, October 22nd 2012

Taylor Jiggles Her Boobs for You

She has jiggled her boobs all the way to being crowned the Twisty's Treat of the Year for 2012! I can see why, she's pretty damn close to perfection.

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Waiter Dildo Prank

Ever wondered how women would react to a waiter with a visibly showing boner? Well, wonder no more! I added a 'sexy' rating for the 2 or 3 girls who visit this site..

Two Topless Girls Demonstrate Sexual Positions with Pillows

And just in case that title didn't win you over, two of the positions are called 'sling the boobs' and 'wedge that ass'.

Sunday, October 21st 2012

Connie is Naked by the Stairs

Yet another fine babe from the Czech Republic. Apparently her sexual fantasy is to have sex with a stranger on a deserted island.

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Misty vs Misty Round 2: Saltine Challenge

The two Misty's return to do battle again, this time the winner is whoever can eat 6 saltine crackers first with no water. Go Misty!

Friday, October 19th 2012

Sabrina Driving with her Boobs Out

She's driving around on busy streets with her boobs out on display yet hardly anyone seems to notice. Except a trucker who proceeds to flip her off. Does not compute!

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Breast Magic Trick Ever!

This is street magic at its breast. David Coppafeel really has a solid grip on how to perform a good trick. Have I given away what happens yet?


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