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Thursday, September 17th 2015

Amateur Hotties Send Selfies to Playboy

Playboy shares some amateur videos sent in from hotties around the web. Lots of stripping and dirty talk in this long video.

Monday, June 13th 2016

Cameraman Stumbles On Campsite of Topless Girls

His story sounds surprisingly plausible although that doesn't explain his sneaky filming. The girls are skeptical but he gets lucky with one.

Thursday, November 26th 2015

Study Time Turns Into Make Out Time

Aurora was busy on her laptop when Ava decided she wanted some quality time. I think these two have done this before.

Sunday, January 18th 2015

Hottie Abbey Has a Sexy Bath

Blonde babe Abbey Barnsley does away with her short shorts and teal lingerie before jumping into a bath. So much to like about this hottie..

Monday, June 18th 2012

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Lemon Stealing Whores or Funniest Porn Intro Ever!

Hahaha, they just don't make porno like this anymore. This couple just loves their lemons, and hates lemon stealing whores!

Friday, February 12th 2016

Dillion Can't Stop Touching Herself

And really, can you blame her? Dillion really seems to be having a good time stripping off her see-through undies. I had a good time watching.

Thursday, April 9th 2015

Lonely Night with Connie Carter

She starts off in a black bodysuit and some knee-high socks but it's not long until her bottom and top are exposed. Oh Connie..

Friday, June 12th 2015

Miela Swaps Out her Lingerie

You recently voted for Miela as the hottest girl of Femjoy in this battle which speaks volumes about this natural beauty. And yes, she does get completely naked in this video. :)

Sunday, January 4th 2015

Rebecca Can't Decide What to Wear

After moisturizing her massive mammaries she tries on dress after dress, mostly checking their effect on her boobs. Which is pretty much what we're doing too.

Thursday, January 22nd 2015

Veronica and Nicole Kiss and Flash All Around Hawaii

FTV Girls have really outdone themselves and the two girls don't seem to mind the public displays of affection one bit. Requests = more!

Wednesday, December 23rd 2015

Assistant Caught Playing with the Boss' Toys

Sara's boss is insulting and demanding but Sara's getting the last laugh while the she-devil is out of town. Or is she?

Friday, March 7th 2014

Nude Destiny Moody Paints Herself

A fun and quirky video of Destiny doing some body painting.. on herself! She seems like a nice girl..

Thursday, October 16th 2014

Talia Auditions for Naked News

Not that we have any say in this what so ever, but I thought it would be fun to do a quick poll anyway. So what do you think, should she get the job?

Sunday, July 26th 2015

Amateur Redhead Jessica Gets Naked

Wow, Cosmid seem to have hit the jackpot again with 23 year old Jessica. She's got a really nice natural look and pretty much the most perfect breasts you're going to see.


Carlotta's Amazingly Sexy Tribute Video to S&F

I know I change my mind often when it comes to my favorite 'fan' video, but this one has to be right up there. Nice melons indeed!