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Tuesday, December 9th 2014

Sara Jingles her Boobs!

The talented boob lady, aka Sara, is back with another impressive display (the first was here). Two Christmas-related posts in one day.. you know that means we're getting close.

Sunday, April 6th 2014

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New Spray On Yoga Pants!

Apparently yoga pants aren't quite tight enough for Jimmy Kimmel so he has come up with something more revealing - spray on pants!

Monday, November 19th 2007

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Turkey Cooking Tip

Everyone can appreciate this tip, especially this time of year. Happy Thankgiving to all you Yanks!

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

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Funny: Girls Have Fun with Fruit

There's no nudity in this one but it doesn't stop the Playboy bunnies creating havoc at the local fruit and veg shop.

Friday, January 11th 2008

A Perfect Gentleman

Of course there's no such thing.. and this guy shows his true colors as soon as he finds out the girl he was hitting on is taken.

Sunday, October 12th 2008

What to Look For in a Secretary

Just in case there was any doubt, big boobs FTW.

Monday, September 23rd 2013

That Horrible Moment When Your Girl Catches You Watching Porn

Hahaha, well played Key & Peele, well played.

Friday, February 1st 2013

What Would Men Do for Sex?

The ladies on the show did not really stand a chance. Only a guy knows the lengths guys would go to for sex.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

Dashcam Road Rage: Russian Style

If this happened anywhere but Russia, I'd be calling it fake. But given that's in Russia, I really want to believe.

Friday, December 10th 2010

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She Just Did What on Live TV?

An eager TV host learns about turkey callers. When it's her turn to try it though she leaves everyone else in the studio feeling just a tad awkward! Tagged as sexy, well, just because.

Monday, November 28th 2011

Kitty Lea is Your Mistress

Somewhat disturbing but there is a nice shot looking up at Kitty's boobs which makes everything ok!

Sunday, December 25th 2011

A Merry Hunt

This really is one of those videos where the less I say the better. But saying nothing would make this area look weird, so that explains why I'm still typing. There.

Friday, June 15th 2012

Magic Apples (Dirty Joke)

No sexiness in this one, but it is a pretty funny joke so I thought it was worth sharing. That's all I'll say as I don't wish to risk ruining it for you!

Thursday, September 26th 2013

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Super Hot Interactive Pizza Delivery

This video is based on an (apparently) true story from the time when Jason Horton was a pizza delivery boy. You get to decide what happens next!


Carlotta's Amazingly Sexy Tribute Video to S&F

I know I change my mind often when it comes to my favorite 'fan' video, but this one has to be right up there. Nice melons indeed!