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Thursday, November 25th 2010

Valeria Strips on the Beach

Argentinian model/dancer/stripper Valeria Degenaro gets in one with nature by taking off her bikini at the beach to reveal a perfect naked body.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

And by everyone I mean all you Americans and Canadians! Feel free to forward this to all your (open minded) friends and family..

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

Sexy Tea Sky Strips

This is one time you should have chosen tea instead of coffee. Tea is so hot and sweet at the same time!

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Orgasmic Voting

This girl is really excited about voting, and I mean REALLY excited! Perhaps not surprisingly this ad comes to us from Spain.

Introducing Pretty Marie and her Pole

She was discovered by the one and only Melissa Midwest, which means you can expect galleries of the two getting busy in the not too distant future.

Tuesday, November 23rd 2010

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Random Photos 140

Yet another awesome set of sexy, funny and otherwise amusing photos for you this week. Oh and we heard you like cats, so we put a cat inside your cat!

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Big Booty Girl Strips in Brazillian Movie Part 2

In this final part you get to see her big ass in its full naked glory. She finally manages to distract the guy too, about time..

Sexy Kayleigh in (and out of) Purple

British babe Kayleigh is a professional dancer but also enjoys the thrill of taking her clothes off for the camera.

Monday, November 22nd 2010

Hayley Marie the Topless Paramedic

Just when you thought they were running out of unique themes for photoshoots, this happens. They really went all out too, impressive.

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Big Booty Girl Strips in Brazillian Movie

They don't make them like this anymore.. well they do but you have to look a lot harder! It's from a 1983 movie called Corpo e Alma de Uma Mulher. Come back for part 2 tomorrow!

Nina James Nudes it Up

It is simply too hot to wear clothes today, so Nina goes out back and takes them off. Oh and did I mention that she's insanely hot?

Lana Ivans and her 38D's

Definitely one for the big boob lovers.. The 21 year old Romanian has one huge rack on her. I hope her back is ok..

Friday, November 19th 2010

Sofia Saint Does Laundry; Strips

While everything else is in the wash Sofia shows us her short dress with a very accessible zip. She's obviously the kind of girl that likes to plan ahead.. I like that.

Lidia Gives Herself a Boob Massage

From her bio: 'I used to do wrestling back in school. Whenever guys would lose against me they would make excuses that they couldn't hold me in a certain way because I'm a girl and yadda yadda bs'. Heh, she sounds fun.


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