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Friday, April 29th 2011

Rebecca Talks, Flashes at Breakfast

Coming all the way from Atlanta, she flew in the night before and stayed at the FTV house. The next morning they went to breakfast and shot this video before doing many more!

Surfing Wedgies and Hot Asses

Lookout womens beach volleyball, surfing is here to contest the sexiest sport title. As this gallery shows it might just have a case.

Princess Ashley Strips

Unless you're living under a rock with no internet access (which raises questions of how you're reading this..), you know about the Royal wedding. I guess this gallery is a tribute..

Thursday, April 28th 2011

Introducing Amazingly Boobed Anna

She's so new to the stripping scene we only know she's from the Czech Republic.. and that she's both sexy and cute of course!

Best. Voicemail. Ever!

Pro tip: if you ever find yourself in the situation where you cheated on your girlfriend with her own sister, don't do this. Chances are it won't go over too well.

Kim's Boobs Popping out of her Shirt

Another nice downblouse video from the folks at (the freshly redesigned) DownblouseLoving. No talking in this one, but Kims nipples make an appearance.

Anabelle Strips on a Chair

How do you sell a leather chair at auction for a massive profit? Ask Anabelle to strip on it during the bidding.

Wednesday, April 27th 2011

Introducing Inked Up Hottie Emma

Self described as an an epic mage playing, vegetarian, anthropology loving, fantasy novel reading, card carrying nerd. She was also nice enough to pose in our shirt and thong combo!

3 Topless Babes, 1 Boat

Last time EliteTV brought us a very nice clip of booties on a boat. This time we get to see the front of the girls as they get all touchy feely with each other.

Daria Strips on the Coffee Table

Having already stripped on every single other piece of furniture in the house, Daria takes to the unsuspecting coffee table to perform a sexy strip leaving her in only her stockings.

Czech Girls Present the News Naked

Look out NakedNews, looks like you've got some competition from the Czech Republic. You probably won't be able to understand them, but luckily nudity is universal.

Tuesday, April 26th 2011

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Random Photos 163

There are a number of nice booties in this weeks edition as well as some interesting statistics on masturbation and of course many other sexy and/or funny photos!

Amazing Angela Woicichoski Strips

After spending the morning working on her tan, this Brazilian beauty comes inside to relax in the nude and read a book.

Britney Washes Dishes and Her Boobs

The sexy Texan is back! She gets her top a little wet while doing her dishes and proceeds to take it off and lather up her round boobs.

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