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Friday, February 1st 2013

Melisa's Sexy Bedroom Strip

After a long day at the office it's nice to come home to a cute brunette eager to make you happy.

FTV Embry running outside

You loved her in the 'working out nude at the gym' video so chances are you'll be happy to see her again! This time she's naked on the street, jogging, stretching and more!

What Would Men Do for Sex?

The ladies on the show did not really stand a chance. Only a guy knows the lengths guys would go to for sex.

Thursday, January 31st 2013

Out and About With her Boobs Out

We saw her in this random photo, now we get to enjoy the whole gallery. The busty brunette spends the day going about her normal business with a permanent wardrobe malfunction.

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Adult Toons 27!

Hahaha, that bear trap one was pretty brutal. And I don't care what you're doing, there's always time to check out!

Hot Helga Strips Outside

Hungarian Helga hopes her hot hiney helps all habitants be happy. Hooray!

Wednesday, January 30th 2013

Two Babes Teabag Each Other and Then Get It On

Should someone tell them that they're doing the whole teabagging thing wrong? I guess not given what it led them to do..

Introducing Ashley Doris

Meet Ashley, she's 23, from Connecticut, works as a florist and this is her first time posing nude. Lets hope it's not the last..

Candice B Bares her Behind

This cute blonde is quick to get down to business with just her black panties to remove. And she wastes little time doing just that.

Bouncing Boobie Gifs Compilation

Boobs are fun. So are gifs. Combine the two and you have something pretty awesome. This is a compilation of such awesomeness.

Tuesday, January 29th 2013

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Random Photos 252

Another Tuesday, another set of random sexy and funny photos! Well, that backfired quickly. Nice profile view of Tessa's boobies. And finally 'No Pants Fridays' are awesome!

Clare Oils Up her Tits and Ass

Hahaha, these guys sure know how to make videos interesting. Do you agree with their vote? Vote in our poll to decide her best feature!

Eva Jogs Topless on a Public Road

Eva isn't new to S&F, but she is new to combining three of her favorite things, the outdoors, keeping fit and taking her top off!

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Porn on the Bus

Only in... Spain?! I guess someone put in the wrong DVD. The Bus attendant sure can move fast when he needs to.


Nikki Davis Wet T-Shirt on a Beach

This is the video to go with this gallery of the lovely Nikki Davis posing in our S&F on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.