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Marketa Pechova Strips on the Couch

The quickest way to liven up an old ugly couch is to add a stripping busty blonde. Works every time.

Katy's Artsy Strip

Today Katy has gone for a classy black and white strip and it certainly works for her!

Busty Janine Strips Outside

Janine has chosen a fairly bleak field to strip, of course you'll forget about the field when she's naked!

Stripping Belly Dancer Klaudia

She may not dance so well, but she does a great job of stripping out of the outfit!

Victoria Sweet's Camouflage Strip

Victoria won't stay camouflaged for long with every layer she takes off!

Jenny E Nude by the Mirror

Jenny thought we'd like to see her naked and touching herself from all angles. So she added a mirror into the mix. Well played Jenny, well played.

Busty Linet Strips

She's Czech, loves guys, loves stripping and always looking for new things to try, so basically she's perfect!

Busty Babe Cydella Jimenez

By night she works at a bar and by day she's showing off her near perfect breasts.

TIffany Washes her Car Then Herself

This is the first video of this kind she has been in, so be nice! I mean just look at those breasts, how can you be anything but nice to her?

Girlfriend Trouble

Our S&F t-shirt wearing bestie Jason stars in another funny skit. Stick with it, chances are you won't see it coming.

Flexible Eva's Nude Yoga Session

You may remember this talented brunette from the time she went for a topless jog on a road. We get to see her do the splits again this time, except naked and in a video. Hot.

Jodie Checks Out S&F While Her Boobs are Hanging Out

So today was one of those good days as a S&F webmaster.. In case you're wondering, she's watching the video of Kim giving a sexy haircut.

So Very Sexy Emmanualle Guimaraes

Brazilian beauty Emmanualle shows off her amazing body in and out of various skimpy outfits.

Miela's Coffee Table Strip

People place a lot of useless stuff on coffee tables, but Miela... she's definitely useful!


Carlotta's Amazingly Sexy Tribute Video to S&F

I know I change my mind often when it comes to my favorite 'fan' video, but this one has to be right up there. Nice melons indeed!