Battle Game List

Sexiest School Girl Battle!

by ticklishtickler

User ticklishtickler was a little loose with the criteria for this battle but with good results. Plenty of pleated skirts, a few pom-poms and lots of hotties.

Small but Mighty Battle!

by Cap00

Always take time to enjoy the little things in life... especially when they are cute and perky boobs! Choose the best from the smaller spectrum in this battle.

Battle of the Braless!

by sensualpianist

There's something magical about a girl with no bra under her top, especially if that top is sheer, wet or super short.

Newest Models Battle!

by mjkap1

User mjkap1 put together this battle of the last 100 models (yep, 100!) added to S&F. Who's the hottest newbie?

Real Ladies of Cosmid Battle!

by Cap00

Vote for your favorite hometown hotties from Cosmid! Real girls with real bodies!

One-Gallery Girls' Battle!

by mjkap1

Sometimes, you only get one and that's the case for all the girls in this epic battle from mjkap1. Good luck choosing from nearly 100 entries!

Battle of Boobs in Motion!

by Cap00

User Cap00 got all adventurous on us and made the first ever gif battle! We had to make a few tweaks to get it to fully work but we think it was worth the effort. Enjoy!

Playboy Battle 2018 Edition

by Pappupassq

Pappupassq has another Playboy battle for your consideration. If you didn't see the original battle, check it out, it's twice the size.

MetArt Beauties Battle!

by God, Girls, & Golf

Met-Art has featured many beautiful women throughout the years. Let's see who the favorite is from these 48 *phew* choices.

Best Nude Girl Battle II!

by mrb1974

It's part two of the Battle of the nude ladies! These babes all have great taste in clothes - mostly when not to wear any. Here's part one if you missed it.

Come Hither Eyes Battle!

by Cap00

There's nothing like a seductive gaze from across the room, especially when accompanied by a pair of boobs.

A to Z Battle!

by sensualpianist

The alphabet may not seem sexy but it is with naked girls at every letter! For once we wish there were more than 26.

Best in Heels Battle!

by mrb1974

History says men were the first to wear heels but we know who wears them best! Bonus points if they're the only thing you have on.

Shower Time Battle!!!

by Pappupassq

Some very sexy ladies in one of the best places to be naked. Also one tub scene.

The Upboob Battle

by Cap00

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's upboob! Get the best view of the best boobs from below.

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