Battle Game List

Lets Dance Battle!

by mrb1974

David Bowie said it best in 1983 with his song Lets Dance. So which girl would you pay to see dance, make your choice.

Above All Tits Battle!

by DomGaston

We're not 100% about the theme of this battle but there's lots of photos of hot ladies and that's good enough for us!

Triple B Beautiful Butt Battle!

by mrb1974

Sir Mix a lot said it best, baby got back, so its bout time for anotha beautiful butt battle.

PLASTT Battle!

by scrummaging

Make a choice from each pair based on who has your favorite Pussy, Legs, Ass, Smile, Toenails & Tits. We were not familiar with this acronym but sure.

Good Hygiene Battle!

by mrb1974

In this case, we're looking at the showering part of hygiene. Lots of choices and not a lot of clothes.

Girls in Lingerie Battle!

by Natagreat52

Don't think just go with your gut! Or, you know, another organ...

The Best Photography Battle!

by DomGaston

The light, props, set, point of view, depth of field, framing and models... everything counts.

Photodromm Battle!

by mrb1974

Photodromm has a definite style although there's still a decent variety of shots and lots of models.

Tits of All Shapes Battle!

by DomGaston

More variety and lots to choose from in this battle. Should be interesting to see how this one plays out.

A 'T' rrific Battle!

by mrb1974

A collection of women with names that start with a T. There's a lot of T and some A too. Happy choosing!

Best Milk Bags Battle!

by Nancyfuckme

A new name for our favorite game. Choose the boobs you'd want to drink from the most!

Girl Folio Battle

by mrb1974

This is a portfolio full of hot girls, so essentially its a Girl Folio; pick the hottest ones.

Holly Randall Battle!

by mrb1974

Holly Randall has shot many of the most popular galleries on S&F, featuring many of the most popular models. But who will be the most popular in this battle?

Sleepy Time Battle!

by mrb1974

Its time for bed, but she has no teddy bear to sleep so she wants you, but who do u want, picks the hottest bed mate.

Random Hotness Battle!

by mrb1974

Who doesn't love to see just a bunch of hot women? If you do, then pick the hottest from this random collection.

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