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Added: 10/26/2011

Lesbian Football League

After a close 3 on 3 lingerie football game both teams unwind in the best way possible.. by getting it on!

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Added: 12/04/2013

Nude Chrissy Works Out Her Titties

Yowza, have we got a treat for you today! An exclusive video of Chrissy Marie shaking her boobs for us! For the pictures, go here. And you can watch it in HD on Vimeo here.

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Added: 03/08/2013

Layla and Friends Get Hosed Down

This is a really sweet long video of 3 hotties getting naughty in the backyard. It's also a good test for our new (and hopefully improved) file server, so have at it!

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Added: 12/23/2014

Random Photos 350

Holy crap, we've made it to 350! Not surprisingly, this week's batch includes plenty of Christmas related sexiness and funniness, including stuff like this.. and this. Enjoy!

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Added: 01/07/2014

Random Photos 300!!

Holy crap, we made it to 300! To celebrate this momentous occasion we're treating you to a gigantic 48 photo edition of sexy and funny Random Photos. This is madness!!

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Added: 06/03/2014

Random Photos 321

Wow, that's a really big orange cone, no wonder they are staring at it.. CumLouder has turned 4, this is how they celebrated. And finally, those are some nice boobies.

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Added: 09/24/2013

Random Photos 285

In this weeks edition of Random Photos, we have some fantastic boobs, nice asses, some funnies, a sweet pool party and even a guide on how to draw realistic looking boobs!

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Added: 10/01/2013

Random Photos 286

Looks like somebody had a good night.. Helpful fridge is helpful. Looks like I'm not the only one playing way too much GTA V. And finally we finish off with some classic S&F.

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Added: 04/15/2014

A Hot Workout Turns Into a Lesbian Romp

Abigail and Nicole were working out while looking ridiculously hot in their tight shorts and sports bras. And then.. you know.

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Added: 04/29/2014

Random Photos 316

This week Jelena shows us the secret to perfectly ironed clothes, you find out that everyone has 'the chair' and finally we learn that letter spacing makes all the difference.

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Added: 12/24/2013

Random Photos 298

It's a Christmasy edition of everyone's favorite S&F feature, random photos! To help get you in the spirit we have some very sexy Santa's helpers and of course the big man himself!

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Added: 12/09/2014

Random Photos 348

Alright, I think the internet has officially jumped the shark with poking fun at Kim's booty. She can play on my Playstation anytime. And finally, this sign is absolutely hilarious.

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Added: 09/04/2012

Random Photos 234

I hope for this guys sake that his distraction is only temporary. Unlike Waldo, you should have no trouble at all finding Waldette. And finally Happy Labor Day!

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Added: 10/03/2012

Milf in a See-Through Swimsuit

I almost called it a bikini but then I remembered that one of you would surely correct me. Anyway, this milf has a name, and it's Ray Veness!

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Added: 04/11/2013

Downblouse on Wheel of Fortune

The host makes no effort to hide his distraction. I only have 2 complaints: 1) that her boobs didnt' completely fall out and 2) that this video was apparently filmed with a potato.