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Added: 05/07/2017

Charley Gets Her Boobs Out on the Couch

The couch is just big enough for two but Charley's not sharing. We don't mind not having a place to sit as long as we get to watch.

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Added: 04/14/2017

Charley's Dress Leaves Her Stockings Out

It's not exactly a cozy location but with Charley around, it'll do just fine. Maybe her dress is too short because it has to stretch over her big ass.

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Added: 03/28/2017

Charley S Takes Off Her Dress

Charley's all in black for these photos at home. She pulls her dress up and off before stretching out across the counter.

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Added: 01/09/2017

Charley Outside in Her G-String

Charley pulls up her short dress to reveal her bubbly butt. Then she pulls it down and off to show off her top half.

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Added: 10/17/2016

Charley Only Needs Half Her Bikini

Charley came down for a swim but she's looking too glamorous for a swim. She'd rather lay around without her top and we'd rather she do that too.

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Added: 09/01/2016

A Topless Charley Getting Some Shade

Charley has had enough sun for the day so she finds a spot in the shadows. Then she changes out of her swimsuit into a tiny thong.

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Added: 07/20/2016

Charley's Outside in Her G-String

Big boobs, tiny panties and afternoon sunlight make for some hot photos. Charley's curvy in all the right places.

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Added: 03/11/2016

Charley Getting Undressed on a Couch

Charley's got plenty of space to strip on the couch and she gets right to it. Some nice shots of her butt in this set.

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Added: 02/10/2016

Charley Getting Naughty at The Office

Charley is not excited about work so she unbuttons her shirt instead. I don't think anyone else will want to work either.

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Added: 01/28/2016

Charley S and Her Lovely Breasts

It looks like Charley just got home from the beach. I can't see any tan-lines but I wouldn't blame you for looking closely.

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Added: 01/23/2016

Charley Gate's Big Booty

Charley's hanging out by the water in a tiny bikini. She's a curvy girl and by the end of the shoot she's got nothing on but her tattoo.

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Added: 01/19/2016

Charley and Her Bright Pink Bra

Charlie's got big brown eyes and her breasts are pretty much the same. You can tell when she takes off the bra.

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Added: 01/13/2016

Charley in Bright Pink Undies

Charley's big booty on the couch. She's also happy to get her top off.

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Added: 12/24/2015

Charley's Holiday Dress

Charley is ready to spread the holiday spirit with a short red dress and matching underwear. My spirits are raised.

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Added: 10/18/2012

Carlotta's Amazingly Sexy Tribute Video to S&F

I know I change my mind often when it comes to my favorite 'fan' video, but this one has to be right up there. Nice melons indeed!