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Added: 01/28/2017

Gerda's Naked on a Boat

Gerda's out on the water for a day for some photos and swimming. There's no one else around so she decided to get rid of her bikini.

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Added: 01/21/2017

Amanda's Naked on the Balcony

Amanda's checking out the view and decides she'd rather enjoy it naked. We couldn't agree more!

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Added: 12/09/2016

Natasha Really Likes Watermelon

Natasha likes to enjoy her watermelon outside. That's probably for the best since she likes squeezing the juice over her naked body. Messy but awesome.

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Added: 11/24/2016

Mr Skin: Some Fantastic TV Breasts + Special Lifetime Offer!

It's time to catch up on the latest TV and movie nudity with Mr Skin's Minute. They also have an awesome $99 lifetime membership deal!

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Added: 10/07/2016

A Nude Carisha Enjoys the Sea

Apparently it was too cold to go all the way in but I guess this gets the job done too. It's always a pleasure to see Carisha naked, so we really shouldn't be nitpicking..

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Added: 09/16/2016

Karmen Hanging Out Naked at a Waterfall

Karmen's at the bottom of an impressive waterfall and she didn't bother with a swimsuit. Nice jug too.

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Added: 06/26/2016

A Completely Naked Jenny Running Naked on a Beach in Jamaica

The part time topless interviewer and full time hottie Jenny goes for a completely naked jog on a beautiful Jamaican beach. What's not to like?

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Added: 06/06/2016

Alissa's Floating Around Without Her Swimsuit

Alissa's got the coast to herself and what better way to celebrate than getting naked? At least a great way to get a tan.

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Added: 01/19/2016

Bottled Water Ads are Better in Italy

I'm not sure what the sales pitch is but I support this campaign. Ads are so much better with nudity.

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Added: 01/01/2016

Bouncing Boobs on Water Slide

Ahhh Japan. Thank you for your hot girls, your weird games and your creativity. The video comments are worth a look.

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Added: 09/23/2015

Water Balloons + Topless Model + Extreme Slowmo

If you've ever wondered what a water balloon exploding against some big breasts looked like at 1,000 frames per second, then you're in luck!

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Added: 09/15/2015

Underwater Nudity with Abigail Mac

There's just something about underwater videos that always adds a little something special. A mystery friend of hers also makes an appearance..

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Added: 09/02/2015

Naked Alison Tyler Plays with her Underwater Camera

Alison has just got her new underwater camera and she is already putting it to good use.

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Added: 08/07/2015

Mr Skin Minute: Rachel McAdams Topless and More Celeb Nudity

Another Mr Skin minute means another does of celebrity nudity. We also learn a fun new word: rebounceboobity!

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Added: 12/29/2014

Best Banned Commercials of 2014

Alright, so some of these are actually parodies but they're all worth checking out. Nice way to close out the year.