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Added: 09/11/2014

I'm All Wet Battle

These girls have 3 things in common, they're hot, they're naked and they're wet! Your job is to pick the best one, good luck!

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Added: 08/19/2014

Skinny Dipping Fun with Elizabeth Marxs

It seems like we post skinny dipping videos every other week but there is a good reason for it. They are hot!

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Added: 08/07/2014

Stunning Whitney's Skinny Dip

We join Whitney Westgate underwater for a great view of her bouncing boobs. Then it's time to surface and oil up her beautiful naked body by the pool.

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Added: 06/11/2014

Pantieless Wet T-Shirt Competition

College party turns a bit wild with a backyard wet t-shirt competition. In my eyes they are all winners. Bonus Harlem Shake footage at the end just because.

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Added: 06/10/2014

Underwater Skinny Dipping Fun with Craving Carmen

Some very interesting underwater shots of a naked Carmen enjoying the freezing water. And by interesting I mean sexy.

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Added: 06/06/2014

Paula Gets Topless in a Car Then Goes for a Nude Jog in the Woods

Her name might be Paula Shy but she is anything but shy. Apparently this is just an average weekend for her.

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Added: 03/18/2014

Random Photos 310

This gif should probably come with a warning, it's very easy to lose track of time while viewing it. While this gif features the cutest pout ever. And finally, boobies!

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Added: 02/20/2014

Italian Carmen Vantini's Outdoor Striptease

She starts off in a skimpy little bikini, having some fun in the sun with her water gun and then things really start to heat up..

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Added: 01/14/2014

Viola O's Sexy Army Outfit

Busty Latvian Viola's gone with a sexy army girl theme today. She's somewhere hot enough she needs to strip down and wet her boobs.

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Added: 01/14/2014

Preeti and Priya Sexy Water Fight

Ok so wait, we have two sexy girls having a water fight in their bikinis. Also, they gradually strip. Sounds good to me.

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Added: 12/02/2013

Blonde vs Brunette in a Sexy Water Pistol Fight

Cassie is the brunette, Chloe is the blonde. This is one of those setups where we are the real winners.

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Added: 10/23/2013

Tessa Loses her Dress by the Water

Eager to cool off, the busty Tessa strips by a stream and enjoys the cool water. In other news, it's great to see Tessa on Playboy. Also, we have an interview with her coming up!

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Added: 10/04/2013

Fucking with Pornstars

The guys over at CumLouder tried to recreate a prank they saw on YouTube. Lets just say it doesn't go very well. The second simpler one on the other hand, is a (direct) hit!

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Added: 09/12/2013

Karmen Nude at the Waterfall

Going for a walk in the woods can be rewarding, especially if you find a naked Greek goddess by the name of Karmen.

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Added: 10/13/2011

Nude Girls Partying with LMFAO

A whole bunch of hotties get their bikinis off to party with LMFAO at the Playboy Beach House. The song is called 'Get Crazy' and these girls don't need to be told twice!