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Added: 11/07/2014

Busty Lily Figuera Takes a Bubble Bath

Busty babe Lily had us hold the towel while she took a long, hot bubble bath. She's clearly not shy either!

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Added: 07/11/2014

Lily Twerks and Strips for Brazil

Hopefully this will cheer them up after that devastating loss in the semi-finals. Who am I kidding, nothing will cheer them up. :(

Lily, Babi and Charmaine Lotion Up

Spending all day out in the sun means you gotta put sunscreen on, these three take it a step further and strip each other!

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Added: 09/03/2013

Lily Figuera Strips Off her Pocahontas Outfit in the Backyard

The title says it all. Granted she's got fake boobs but it works just fine for her..

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Added: 08/12/2013

Lily Figuera's Sexy Swimsuit

Watching Lily relaxing on the water was pretty hot, but then she pulled her swimsuit aside and the sight was unbelievable!

Lily, Babi and Charmaine Play Strip Poker

Three Asian hotties got together for some hot strip poker. There were no losers in this game, only winners. And yeah, I count us too in there.

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Added: 06/21/2013

Lily Figuera and Babi Syn Shower

After having some kind of messy fun these two go for an outdoor shower and of course soap each other up. They're very generous with the soap too, mmmmm.

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Added: 06/14/2013

Lily, Charmaine and Cupcakes

Two hotties hang out in the kitchen enjoying some cupcakes in the hottest way possible.

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Added: 05/23/2013

Lily Figs Gets Topless for a Workout

That flimsy yellow top was far too constricting for Lily, so she decided to do without. And for that we thank her!

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Added: 05/09/2013

Lily Figuera in White

By request, here's the lovely Lily in a tight white top posing and stripping!

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Added: 04/30/2013

Lily Figuera Gets a Sensual Massage

Sorry guys and girls, there won't be a random photos today. Hopefully Lily and Charmaine's sensual massage will tide you over 'til next time!

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Added: 02/20/2013

Lily Figuera the Stripping Genie

Lily can dress up in whatever outfit she likes, as long we can watch her take it all off. Oh the wishes you could ask her to grant you..

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Added: 02/05/2013

Lily Figuera Strips and Stretches

I'm not sure what kind of workout she was planning on doing, but we can appreciate her stripping as she stretched.

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Added: 01/02/2013

Lily and Charmaine Shower

Lily and Charmaine thought they'd save water by showering together, in reality they spent a long time in there washing each other thoroughly!

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Added: 01/26/2008

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