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Added: 09/26/2014

Hottest Sports Girl Battle

A HUGE battle consisting of 35 rounds of girls doing sports. Lets see who hits a home run and comes out on top!

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Added: 09/04/2014

3 Bored Friends at Tennis Camp Flash Their Goods

It's hot, they're sweaty and the their tennis coach is late. So what are three girls to do but start motorboating each others boobs?

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Added: 08/26/2014

Random Photos 333

A blowjob, milk AND cookies for $3.50? I'll take 12! This is one blunt bumper sticker. The US Open has kicked off and Dani is obviously a fan. And finally, a sign that may actually work.

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Added: 08/19/2014

Random Photos 332

Ah, good old auto-correct. I thought everyone slapped their ass for motivation.. I couldn't agree more with the subtitle. And finally, what great form on this backhand from Keisha.

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Added: 05/02/2014

Melissa D is Stripping for Tennis

I'm sure there's a tennis tournament on somewhere in the world right now, and Melissa's getting in on the action with a tennis themed strip!

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Added: 03/13/2014

Slow-mo Tennis Boobs on YouTube

Try and watch this one while you still can. When it comes to boobs and YouTube it's a bit of a lottery. Some videos stay on forever, others get yanked almost instantly.

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Added: 12/11/2013

Slumber Party Confessions: Tennis Match Turns Sexual

Part 2 was here. These girls won't win any Academy Awards for their acting, but lets face it, that's not why we watch these..

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Added: 09/02/2013

Charmane Star Strips for Tennis

There's nothing quite like a game of tennis on a hot day, it usually means Charmane strips on court!

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Added: 08/09/2013

Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked: Tennis

It's been a while since the last one of these, some would even say too long. So without further ado..

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Added: 07/21/2013

Are Those Tennis Balls in Your Butt or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Turns out they are just tennis balls. Okay, I think I've seen enough for today, thanks internet!

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Added: 07/01/2013

Kandi Kay Strips for Tennis

Wimbledon rolls into it's second week and to mark the occasion Kandi Kay (not her real name) dresses up like a tennis player in order to strip back down to nothing.

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Added: 06/24/2013

Big Booty Tennis

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon today, here's a girl who's completely no good at playing tennis! What she lacks in tennis skills though she makes up in booty. Wow.

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Added: 05/27/2013

Eufrat Strips After a Tennis Match

We're back in the locker room with Eufrat and she doesn't mind if we stick around while she strips down to nothing!

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Added: 05/26/2013

Jessica Strips on a Tennis Court

She makes up for her lack of tennis skills by taking off her clothes right there on the court. This is her way of getting ready for the French Open that kicks off today I guess.

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Carlotta's Amazingly Sexy Tribute Video to S&F

I know I change my mind often when it comes to my favorite 'fan' video, but this one has to be right up there. Nice melons indeed!