Battle Game Play

Best at Thinking Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

Melissa selfstudy with a selfie stick


Carlotta deliberating trees


9 rounds remaining.

Pick your favorite pensive beauty from each pair. Keep going until there are no match ups left!

Description: What hides behind their awe-struck eyes? Which thoughtful hotties do you prefer? Would we ask three questions in a row?

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Battle Results

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#1: Orsi suspects a visitor and dressed accordingly (2755/4025)68.4%
#2: Shelby brooding over interior decor (2747/4037)68%
#3: Carisha reflecting on a lumbarsupporting chair (2689/4003)67.2%
#4: Vika A wondering where a working water fountain could be? (2622/4028)65.1%
#5: Ms. Femme Fetish engrossed by thoughts of music (2539/4009)63.3%
#6: Hayden contemplating impending asteroids (2325/3980)58.4%
#7: Zahyra muses architecture (2153/3969)54.2%
#8: Pammie ponders greener pastures (2024/3976)50.9%
#9: Rena ruminating as her tea brews (2038/4006)50.9%
#10: Rachelle brooding in repose (1993/3976)50.1%
#11: Kendra considering new furniture arrangements (1907/3947)48.3%
#12: Lottie presumes someone's over there (1892/3993)47.4%
#13: Carlotta deliberating trees (1811/3984)45.5%
#14: Lauren concludes the best view in town (1710/3960)43.2%
#15: Stephy considering traffic patterns (1707/3958)43.1%
#16: Adriana absorbed with thoughts of nipple texture (1606/3971)40.4%
#17: Jacqueline meditating on a giant chocolate bar (1543/3963)38.9%
#18: Melissa selfstudy with a selfie stick (1296/3918)33.1%
#19: Lilian postulates a pillow fight (1261/3936)32%
#20: Julia and her introspective swing (1153/3903)29.5%

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Thanks mOOse. I've really enjoyed the site--and the whole battle concept specifically--and wanted to join in the fun.
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Nice work folks
MrGreenBeard replied:
Thanks Pappupassq, really enjoyed all of your lists I've seen too!
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What an awesomely creative battle theme and captions. Well done sir.

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