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Friday, August 23rd 2019

Tits and Lips

That's pretty much all you can see in this shower video although occasionally you get some of Dolly's eyes. Kind of a different style to this one but sure, why not?

Busty Gabriela Drops Her Shorts

Gabriela's curly dark hair and big tits look great in a pair of tiny shorts and a tight top. Even better, she's stripping out of both.

Cadence Massages the Woman Who Stole Her Husband

When Cadence found out who was coming in, she made sure she'd get a chance at payback. She certainly does a good job of that.

Alina Lopez in Tiny Pink Panties

Panties that don't quite cover everything which we guess is the point. We don't think we've seen a shirt with a belt before, either.

Best In Bed Battle

Who doesn't wanna wake up with a smoking hot woman next to them? Here's your chance to pick a favorite and then dream about her.

Alyssia in a "Skirt"

This is more like the suggestion of a skirt than an actual skirt and that's fine, great even. The stretchy top is cool too.

Morey in Yellow Undies

Natali strikes a coy pose in the light from the window. Pretty girl with big brown eyes and a great body.

Dolly Cheering Up the Recently Single

Dolly noticed this poor bastard moping at the party and she came to change the mood. Maybe Dolly is interested in more than just cheering them up.

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A Bold Idea to Boost Sales

This is a scene from a British sitcom from the 80s called Hot Metal. It's about running a newspaper and it looks like it was all right.

Thursday, August 22nd 2019

Caught Between Angry Lovers

Well this is quite the drama we've got here - suspense, romance and, of course, great acting! The sound effects were... convincing?

Angelina Out for a Jog

After the pool it's time for a jog in what looks like underwear. Still, it's not like Angelina's going to need the bottom half for her workout.

Abella & Molly Break In for a Dip

The sign says No Trespassing but Molly knows the place pretty well. Not well enough to know when the owner will be back, though.

Scarlett Bloom is Braless

Nice top and it looks great on Scarlett, especially with nothing underneath! She's a little restless just rolling around in bed.

Chloe in Underwear and Heels

We weren't expecting that accent although we kind of expected everything else. Slightly more talking than usual though... wait, is she actually French?!

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Carlotta's Amazingly Sexy Tribute Video to S&F

I know I change my mind often when it comes to my favorite 'fan' video, but this one has to be right up there. Nice melons indeed!