Best of S&F (Top 10) by Views - Last 7 Days

#1: 27,993 Views

Touring St. Petersburg with Anna

Anna, aka Elizabeth (among other names) gives us a tour of her 18-century home and a brief look at her home city. It's nice to hear her accent and wow, she's gorgeous!

#2: 26,834 Views

Dolly Modelling Some Bikinis

The best part of going to the beach with Dolly is watching her choose a swimsuit. She's happy to put on a show while she decides.

#3: 23,469 Views

Catherine on Duty at the Library

The Dewey Decimal system isn't the only set of Ds at this library and we'd be asking for help anyway. We like Cat's taste in books, too.

#4: 23,157 Views

Bethany in a Flimsy Shirt

For most of the shoot she's out of the top or at least lifting it up. She was pretty hot in the video too.

#5: 22,151 Views

Jay's Out and So are Her Tits

Nice day for a walk in the woods and Jay's got her shirt open for some fun outside. She says she likes nudity in nature and so do we.

#6: 18,264 Views

Alicia Dancing in Her Bedroom

Alicia's making a sexy video or maybe she's on webcam. Pretty girl and her smooth skin is pretty much glowing.

#7: 18,227 Views

Annika Eve with a Hot Striptease

Annika's pink underwear shows off her big, round ass and she spends the video showing off the rest. Nice video and Annika is super hot.

#8: 16,202 Views

Olga Naked by the Lake

Can we take a second to appreciate that cat and how unhappy it is to be there? Hey, we're willing to trade places anytime...

#9: 15,820 Views

Photo Session Heats Up Fast

Alex is new to posing and isn't sure she wants to go as far as her photographer does. Daisy is pretty convincing though.

#10: 15,084 Views

Waiting for the Doctor with Ashley

Ashley notices someone looking down her top while she reads her magazine. They didn't have to look that hard - she hasn't zipped her dress up.


Nikki Davis Wet T-Shirt on a Beach

This is the video to go with this gallery of the lovely Nikki Davis posing in our S&F on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.