Best of S&F (Top 10) by Views - Last 7 Days

#1: 26,532 Views

Lana Takes Control with Stella

These two busty beauties are in bed together with nothing between their socks and their shirts. Then the socks give Lana an idea.

#2: 26,083 Views

Ariel in the Fitting Room

This is the first S&F video from the Fitting-Room and you might have guessed the theme. Looks Like Ariel's gone blonde. It's a good look.

#3: 22,891 Views

Candace Can't Seem to Get Dressed

Candace is pretty comfortable with nothing on but she has some trouble putting on more than one thing at a time. What do you think, bottomless or topless?

#4: 22,121 Views

Sarah in the Locker Room

Sarah's not impressed with her partner's tennis skills but he says it's her fault for distracting him. She's hoping that a good look will help him get over it. We're not sure it'll work.

#5: 21,383 Views

Cherie Fixes Ava's Dating Profile

Ava's updating her profile pics but Cherie thinks all of her photos are boring. She wants some sexier pictures or maybe she just wants to get Ava naked.

#6: 21,289 Views

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Lost Bets Games: Running Around Naked

Carmen wasn't playing fair but the film crew decided the solution was that everyone should get naked. Good decision.

#7: 20,559 Views

Kylie Page Strips Off Her Jean Shorts

Kylie is such a babe; pretty face, gorgeous body and the sweetest smile. She's come outside to say hello and take some clothes off.

#8: 19,263 Views

Lucy Stuck in Bed

Lucy's mostly ready to get up but she's not willing to do much more than that. Not that we'd ever ask her to rush getting dressed.

#9: 18,703 Views

Lela Looking Glamorous in the Pool

Lela's all made up in a sexy bikini but once she's in the water her swimsuit doesn't seem as important. We like the way she thinks.

#10: 18,528 Views

Start the Day with Alisa

Hot damn, Alisa woke up naked and seems intent on staying that way. At least while she checks her phone and does some yoga.


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