Battle Game Play

Sexy Sneaker Showdown Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

Eva and Violet moccasins by the macaw cage


Chloe's high tops on the flattop


11 rounds remaining.

Pick the sexiest sneakered babe from each pair. Keep going until there are no match ups left!

Description: Heavy holiday eatting is ahead, but these girls are staying slim with sporty footwear. Pick your favorite pair of shoes or other things until you reach the finish line!

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Battle Results

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#1: Maria may not know how to use a StairMaster, but those all white climbers look swell (2956/4478)66%
#2: Molly causal court clogs (2894/4414)65.6%
#3: Embry hickers are looking sharp (2768/4397)63%
#4: Cassia and Carli model a pair of 1940s tennies (2664/4374)60.9%
#5: Ashlynn kept the best part of her uniform (2625/4375)60%
#6: Angie's shoes are looking alright in all white sneaks (2568/4380)58.6%
#7: Eva and Violet moccasins by the macaw cage (2552/4363)58.5%
#8: Saraya and Chole in water resistant treaders (2554/4387)58.2%
#9: Kagney ballin with some gunmetal slipons (2454/4396)55.8%
#10: Carrie serving love in tennis shoes (2401/4338)55.3%
#11: Sabina in her pink and grey gym joggers (2300/4336)53%
#12: Lana curling in a cute hot pink pair (2299/4369)52.6%
#13: Aubrey and Maria have matching laces! (2272/4358)52.1%
#14: Nicole and her sneaks as Captain Morgan with legwarmers (2142/4334)49.4%
#15: Josie crunching leaves in red and black pathfinders (2071/4318)48%
#16: Jayden sneaks found the only lockerroom with a card table (1980/4373)45.3%
#17: Lauren orange laces match the drapes and the carpet (1814/4323)42%
#18: Bailee treads look great going into to traffic. Be careful! (1772/4310)41.1%
#19: Viola's black tops stayed on just long enough for the battle! (1753/4325)40.5%
#20: Valerie spikes in egg shell flats (1709/4321)39.6%
#21: Chloe's high tops on the flattop (1619/4316)37.5%
#22: Sonny in patio pacers (1531/4290)35.7%
#23: Valerie in lot loafers (1511/4299)35.1%
#24: Jessi jogs in well worn walkers (1014/4272)23.7%

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Hope everyone enjoys the battle. Its fun revisiting and finding new galleries then remixing with a fun theme
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