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Quirky Props Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

Its not Delvery! Its Melissa Clarke!


Cat fans the flames


9 rounds remaining.

Vote for your favorite lady or maybe your favorite prop. Keep going until there are no match ups left!

Description: Sometimes we don't notice what's going on in the background, especially when there's a beautiful naked woman in the foreground. See what you notice in this wacky and sexy battle.

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Battle Results

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#1: beautiful Arianna with ugly dry crusty paint pallet (3218/4196)76.7%
#2: Angel and Pamela putt their money where their mouth is (2805/4204)66.7%
#3: Sophie riding a guitar...nough said (2638/4188)63%
#4: Milla and Mr. Ed (2606/4170)62.5%
#5: Audrey says Touche! to Croquet! (2616/4187)62.5%
#6: Viola and Patritcy are a pitcher a way from the best lemonade ever (2479/4146)59.8%
#7: Tracy completes the circuit between two wall lamps (2291/4130)55.5%
#8: Valeria Grapefruit Killer (2198/4118)53.4%
#9: Keira suspends the fire code (2097/4146)50.6%
#10: Femme and her minks chucks (1967/4130)47.6%
#11: When Kendra is all in, she means it (1877/4110)45.7%
#12: Pammie, rebel without a cause or clothes (1842/4084)45.1%
#13: Come on over, Albina has MUSHROOM left on her picnic table (1743/4057)43%
#14: Carlotta with selective readings (1748/4089)42.7%
#15: Cat fans the flames (1637/4081)40.1%
#16: Anne inserts cat joke (1629/4092)39.8%
#17: Its not Delvery! Its Melissa Clarke! (1574/4067)38.7%
#18: Rachelle is a photophile with her Bell and Howell (1556/4080)38.1%
#19: Becca can't peel away from nature's advance (1523/4093)37.2%
#20: Midori's favorite book, Antlers in the Attic (1177/4074)28.9%

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