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Sexy in Shades Battle!

by MrGreenBeard

Kristin tours in her city shades


Chrissy is fair skinned in the sun. Good thing for shades!


19 rounds remaining.

Pick your favorite sunglassed hottie from each pair. Keep going until there are no match ups left!

Description: In the pool or by the sea, the sun can be an enemy. Pick your favorite bonnie lass, who protects her bonnie ass, from the sun's deadly rays in a pair of high-class shades.

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Battle Results

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#1: Ela tans in the wheat with her shades (2342/3210)73%
#2: Kristin tours in her city shades (2282/3236)70.5%
#3: Alyssa carefully going down the stairs in her reflective shades (2173/3182)68.3%
#4: Evelyn uses her shades for blowing...her hair that is (2117/3165)66.9%
#5: Chrissy is fair skinned in the sun. Good thing for shades! (2144/3212)66.7%
#6: Vanessa in her nature walk shades (2045/3193)64%
#7: Carlotta eases out of her pants in easy afternoon shades (2014/3174)63.5%
#8: Gisele on patrol in life guard shades (1966/3167)62.1%
#9: Jenna shades keep the beach post safe (1966/3169)62%
#10: Danielle knows a fresh out of bed look pairs well with pink shades (1825/3149)58%
#11: Marketa's shades keep the pool party pumping (1766/3134)56.3%
#12: Hayley M will catch her man in marshal shades (1759/3149)55.9%
#13: Ginger constructs her bikini in utility shades (1755/3164)55.5%
#14: Elizabeth lounges back in two tone shades (1703/3140)54.2%
#15: Marion's shades can't help her remember the combination to those wall safes (1697/3136)54.1%
#16: Inga's pool shades are all she needs (1672/3152)53%
#17: Hayley C will see you now in executive shades (1654/3156)52.4%
#18: Stevie and Ella are too cool for forest gear in their survival shades (1623/3156)51.4%
#19: Hailey L reclines in red framed shades and a smile (1557/3140)49.6%
#20: Zoey tanned and toned in hip attitude shades (1495/3131)47.7%
#21: Ms Lynna's indoor shades help, even when the blinds are down (1479/3126)47.3%
#22: Claudia on the stairs keeps her shades up and her bottoms down (1482/3148)47.1%
#23: Samantha's secret agent shades and matiching belt on a mission of titillation (1457/3113)46.8%
#24: Sophia may have sulking shades, but her bright colors will cheer you up! (1451/3140)46.2%
#25: Melanie's clothes were water salable, but her shades survived! (1409/3122)45.1%
#26: Blanka tips her crimson hat in a shadowy corner with shadowy shades (1403/3143)44.6%
#27: Bonnie brightens up the blue sky in her seafaring shades (1393/3125)44.6%
#28: Abigail in bright pink shades with woundering hands (1395/3143)44.4%
#29: Dillion in her pools shades demonstrates saftety in the shallow end form for the lifeguards on duty (1361/3116)43.7%
#30: Eden too cool for school attitude also means too cool for buttons (1340/3109)43.1%
#31: Sarah's wave shades brighten up any beach (1236/3158)39.1%
#32: Melissa covert shades help her tip toe off the porch (1218/3122)39%
#33: Adel in heart shades may not know proper flag disposal prosedures, but we can't fault her uniform (1205/3110)38.7%
#34: Eufrat says peace in white framed shades (1188/3105)38.3%
#35: Misty's sharpshooter shades help her nail the target (1186/3112)38.1%
#36: Vicki in Miami Vice shades and a beach side stop and frisk (1151/3098)37.2%
#37: Sophie tests the water in her temperate shades (1080/3135)34.4%
#38: Grace's shades defend her eyes but leave her left flank exposed (1038/3099)33.5%
#39: Sapphira's shades are great for rolling hill picnics (928/3083)30.1%
#40: Niki practicing safe sunning with her wide brimmed hat and sailing shades (920/3128)29.4%

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