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Antonia & Belle Spend the Day in Bed

Antonia and Belle aren't much for talking, they're too busy with each other. They take their time undressing each other in between lots of kissing and fondling.

Katy and Paula Enjoying Each Other

There's not a lot of talking in this video but Katy and Paula subscribe to the 'actions speak louder than words' philosophy. In this case those actions include lots of kissing and touching.

Aria and Mya Get Caught Fooling Around in the Library

Mya's trying to do her work but Aria is more interested in kissing. After they get caught by the nerdy librarian, they find a private spot.

Carolina and Mila Sharing a Bath

This fiery pair shares a dark secret that's got them on edge. They lighten the mood with a soak in a bubble bath and lots of kissing.

Sexy Selfies Turn Into Much More

Angela and Anastassia, or 'the A team' as they are collectively known, start the morning with some sexy selfies. This leads to some kissing and before you know it the clothes are off.

Serena has a Unique Approach to Helping Marica with Her English

Marica wants to improve her English and Serena wants to kiss Marica. She ends up learning a lot but not necessarily about English.

Sabrina and Brittney Kissing in the Pool

Brittney and Sabrina undress each other followed by lots of fondling and kissing. There's plenty to like about this video.

Jojo and Tali All Worked Up After a Concert

Tali and Jojo just got home and they're still excited from the show. Jojo surprises her friend with a kiss and things heat up from there.

Dillion and Kasey Webcamming Together

Kasey and Dillion take requests from a live audience. They include kissing, getting naked and lots of touching.

Playboy Mash Up: Sun Kissed Beauties

These ladies don't need to go to the beach to work on their tans, they're built in. Four hotties from four different countries.

Shauna and Zoey Make Nice After a Bad Night Out

These two go from sweet to mad to kissing. The way they tear off each other's clothes is just adorable.

Three Hotties Turn The Heat Up in the Jacuzzi

Well not literally, but more so with all the kissing and nudity and whatnot. Also, possibly literally too, it looks quite steamy in there.

Casey Helps Lily Get Over Her Cheating Boyfriend

Casey tells Lily she needs to ditch her cheating boyfriend. Comforting turns into kissing and soon Lily's forgotten her troubles.

Getting Revved Up at the Bodyshop

These two make a brief attempt at realism and dialogue before they give up and just start kissing. Who needs acting when you're hot anyway?

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