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Lucia in the Changing Room

Lucia's trying on a new bedroom outfit and it seemed like a good time to capture some sexy video footage. Her top is kinda small but we think that's the point.

Kagney Gives the Gardener a Great Show

Kagney was making a sexy video in her bedroom when she heard someone outside. She moved to the window to get (and give) a better look.

Dillion Getting Ready for a Massage

Dillion's changing into some special clothes before her masseuse comes in. She uses the chance to make a sexy video for her boyfriend.

Jeny's Nudity Draws Unwanted Attention

She was filming one of her sexy videos until some dude decided he liked what he saw. The video may have been cut short but still worth it.

Busty Girl Wearing Revealing Clothes in Public

Another one of these sexy videos where a girl intentionally wears very revealing clothes in public. The shot at the end is something else.

Playboy's Latina Compilation

Seven Latina hotties baring their all in one sexy video! Featuring Ana Cheri, Bunnie Brook, Celeste, Cristal Cray, Heidie Rosa, Roxanne Celeste and Stacey Kay.

Carlotta Champagne's Table Top Strip

When she's not making incredibly sexy videos for us, she likes to break in new tables by stripping on them.

Hot Blonde's Topless Car Ride

Now here's a sexy video to get your week off to a good start! We're no strangers to Embry you see her jogging topless here and flashing in the gym here.

Sensual Girl on Girl Massage

It was hot to start with but it gets infinitely better when the masseuse takes off her robe. We sure are spoiling you with sexy videos lately!

Jessie's 'Stolen' Sexy Video

Jessie made a video for her boyfriend, low and behold the video finds its way to the internet! Yeah, just enjoy her fantastic breasts.

Carlotta Takes Off her Armour

When she's not making sexy videos for us and when there are no battles to be fought Curvy Carlotta will find a private place where she can strip and enjoy the sun.

Nicole Moore's Self-Filmed Strip

Hot 23 year old blonde has a go at making a sexy video. I guess we'll have to forgive her for making the number one mistake when it comes to making videos, ie filming vertically.

Deanna Dances and Tries on Lingerie!

The 23 year old bartender serves up one sexy video for us all. I think I'll ask for a double next time (I don't even know what that means)..

Nina James Takes Off her Lingerie

The stunning 20 year old Californian Nina James is quite a popular girl here at Sexy And Funny, so I'm guessing you guys are going to love this slow and sexy video.

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Fast Car Causes Girl to Bust out of her Shirt (Extended Version)

We posted this video on Halloween, but thanks to a tip off by GBW, we can now bring you the extended version which shows more boob!