Requests Explained or Those Little Red 'R' Boxes You May Have Seen

What the heck are requests?
Requests are a fun way to bring you more content of your favorite girls. This content is in addition to the stuff we already post. So day to day, things will be the same, but every so often we will throw in a video or a gallery of a highly requested girl. This content will be marked with the red R box () that you've probably seen around already.

How to make requests:
You can make a request by mashing the "request" button found on a lot of different pages. They include the Model Index, the Requests page,  individual Model pages (example) and any video/gallery where a model is tagged (example). You can only make one request per model until her request is filled.

How requests are filled:
All girls that reach the top Requests page are eligible. Over time we will do our best to fill them one by one (where possible). When a request is filled, the model's current request count is reset to 0 and they have to work that count up again in order to be eligible to their her requests filled again.

Filled Requests and All Time Request Totals
The main Requests page contains only the current outstanding requests for each girl (these get reset every time a request is filled). To see the total all time requests received, you can go to the All-Time Requests page which is linked from the main Requests page. Another page linked from there is the Filled Requests page, which as the name suggests, shows you all the past requests that have been filled.

That's probably all you need to know about requests on S&F. And now, to thank you for reading all this, here's a gif that will blow your mind:

Description: We've made some changes to how requests for girls work on S&F. Read all about it inside.

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I thought it meant I could request the girl herselfXD
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Thanks and I like the gif
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alrighty then. Thanks