The Top 5 Sexy Girls Who Do Nothing

Ladies of leisure have been around since the first Neolithic woman realised that allowing a brute to take her into his cave would get her food, shelter and avoid being clubbed. Nowadays wealthy girls around the world are realising their unique lives, broadcast online and on TV, are interesting to the public. Girls watch with envy while boys drool. However they do it, these It-girls manage to get attention - and money - by simply living their lives, which involves little more than tanning, partying and gossiping. So, why are you reading about these apparent wastes of space? Because they do offer a certain sexy something, just like their Neolithic ancestors. Here's what we mean...

5) Paris Hilton

Lets start with the most obvious, the Queen of It-girls the world over. Daughter of billionaire father and owner of the Hilton hotel chain, she is either the most vacuous girl on the planet or the most sly and business savvy. Using a 'leaked' sex tape, a TV show about her travels in America, a failed singing career, a stint in prison for drunk driving, and a few movie roles - she's earned millions and achieved international fame. Why do people keep watching her. We think this video clarifies things...

4) Katie Price

The British model started young, taking her top off at 18 for Page 3 of The Sun. After an appearance in FHM magazine and a subsequent boob job that catapulted her to a back-breaking 30G, she was in the media limelight. A relationship with a singer that beat her and fathered her aborted child was just the start for this drama queen. A blind, mentally disabled child by a footballer who left her, got her the sympathy vote. A sex tape and a Playboy shoot later and she was loved by men too. Her more recent relationship with Peter Andre, who father two children with her and divorced her months ago, has kept her high on the glossy gossip magazine's list of stories. She is a walking drama show, played out in the news. She's definitely a clever business woman, using what she has to make her way, now with a best selling book to rake in a bi more cash. But all that drama aside, why is she in our Top 5? Observe...

3) Ashleigh Sudholz

Being a full-time model Ashleigh is probably the most busy and qualified of all these girls. But since sitting about in your undies doesn't qualify as a real job she makes it in the list of It-girls. That and the fact she's a jaw weighting, drool magnet who likes to ride horses and bikes. Say no more...

2) Audrina Patridge

Star of Californian quasi-reality show The Hills. She dates famous guys, talks about dating guys with her hot mates, has drama about guys... and tans, she occasionally eats... a salad. That's it, apart form a 'secret' Playboy application photo from when she was 17 being leaked online. Until recently where she's landed a role in a horror film called Sorority Row. Lots of running and screaming to look forward to there then. In the meantime enjoy her in a bikini doing an advert... hungry or horny?

1) Kim Kardashian

This girl is amazing. Elegant, curvaceous and painfully beautiful. Her fame, other than being the daughter of OJ Simpson's lawyer, came from a sex tape and grew after a Playboy shoot. She now has her own TV show with her sisters called Keeping up with the Kardashians. She also has an advert for food but little else to her name. But who cares when she looks like this...

Description: There are a whole bunch of girls who are famous for not doing much at all. Our reporter Luke has compiled a list of the hottest ones, with a little bit of background on each.

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I really felt Ovech should be in there somewhere?
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I agree with this list but I thought Paris would be #2.
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I thought #3 Ashleigh Sudholz was the best one there, & the prettiest !!
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Kim Kardashians show with her sisters is called "Keeping up with the Kardashians" not "At home with the Kardashians" Other than that, I don't see why so many broads are famous for doing nothing.
mOOse replied:
thanks! that'll teach me to not proofread Lukes articles!