Daniela Blume Spanish TV Strip

Description: It starts of all slow and sensual but then the change of music suddenly livens it up! This is actually part two, to watch it in order watch part one first.

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Why do they quit right when the good stuff starts happening? :(
ali1986 replied:
yo r to sexy
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How come at the end of her performance that woman gives Daniela Blume a pillow to cover herself with when she's already showed ever inch of herself naked? I never understood as to why some women after showing themselves naked quickly cover themselves afterwards. Exactly what is it that they're trying to hide when they've already shown every part of their bodies?
RBK replied:
to feel less emberrased?
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What happened to the audio? I was really enjoying the background guitar :P
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and whoever wrote she needs to lose weight is fucking STUPID sorry but people around here dont know what REAL WOMEN look like!
shadow1234567 replied:
i cant imagine why any1 would say that she needs to lose weight. i dont see a single thing wrong with her.
Luna replied:
OF COURSE THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH HER! shes beautiful has a womanly shape to her! shes not STRAIGHT WITH NO CURVES like a lil boy.Shes got hips and ass,
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I know daniela shes also from madrid spain! :) nobody can beat madrid girls!!
TheBigSB replied:
Damn straight.
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She needs to lose about 20lbs and then get her tits done.
neojester12 replied:
Nah, she's good.

Really good.
brucejedi replied:
Personally I think she's one of the hottest women on the planet.