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Friday, December 23rd 2016

Penny Wants a Happy Ending with Kennedy

Penny wants more than a massage but Kennedy is trying to be professional. Still, she wants to keep her client happy and is a little curious.

Shay Doesn't Want to Keep Her Bikini On

Shay's at the pool for some photos and maybe a dip in the pool. She'd prefer to do both without her swimsuit.

Christmastime Battle!!!

'Tis the season to be jolly and it's hard to keep a sad face with these merry ladies around. Grab some eggnog and choose your favorite festive girls!

Thursday, December 22nd 2016

Selena Makes Sophia Clean Naked

Selena was ready to fire Sophia after she was an hour late. Instead, Selena says she can keep her job if she agrees to do it without her clothes.

Piper's Impressive Cleavage

Piper's tight dress is great for at least two reasons and they're both tits. It also makes for some easy flashing.

Isis Has Great Boobs

Isis pulls her impressive natural breasts out in a semi-public spot. She's a little nervous as people drive by but also kind of excited.

Eden's Sexy Strip on the Couch

Eden's looking glamorous in this set from Playboy Plus. She moves from the couch to the floor as her clothes disappear. Pretty girl with a great body.

Lucy-Anne Getting Undressed

Lucy's got big blue eyes and likes being naked. She's staying at a classy place with a nice view but we can't think of any reason to leave the room.

Loraine's Got Us Seeing Red

We're not mad, it's just the glowing background in these photos. We won't blame you for focusing on the lovely Loraine in the foreground, though.

Wednesday, December 21st 2016

Busty Blonde Masha and Her Banging Body!

Masha doesn't have much to do but she'd rather do it naked. Well, except for her socks. We're okay with those sticking around, though.

Ivy Takes Off Her Flowery Dress

Ivy's dress did a good job of featuring her impressive cleavage but she didn't stop there. After sneaking a boob out she decides naked is better. We agree.

Looking Down Katie's Top

Katie's on the couch flipping through a magazine in a loose top. Her boobs keep sneaking out of her shirt and we keep sneaking looks at them.

Jula's Got Nothing Under Her Coat

Jula's got a nice coat and an even nicer body underneath it. This is her first time on S&F but we have a feeling it won't be the last.

Zafira and Bambi Spend the Day in Bed

These two are dressed for the occasion and that occasion is rolling around in bed together. Can't say that we blame them, really.


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This is How She Gets Free Drinks All Night Long

I've seen a few videos before of girls with great boob control, but this is one of the better ones. She keeps up with the beat like a pro.