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Friday, August 26th 2016

Katie Makes Up for Burning Dinner

Katie's not sure how her new oven works and it didn't end well for the food. Fortunately she knows just how to make it up to you.

Lana Likes Being Naked

Lana wearing mostly nothing in various places around the house. She seems to have a thing for the color pink. We have a thing for her.

Cute Blonde Lexi Belle

Lexi's frilly, flowery underwear goes nicely with her pink heels. Her shoes still look great when she's naked, too.

Holly Peers Covered in Red

Holly's got red stripes, a red backlight and damn near perfect breasts. Add those to an hourglass figure and you have the stuff dreams are made of.

Cyrstal's Got a Giant Bird

And it's great for floating around in the pool naked. She's also got a big clear ball and a talent for bouncing.

Thursday, August 25th 2016

Jelena Picks a Fight with Karlie

Things are pretty tense when these two meet at the studio. Karlie parades around in a custom made ass-less dress and Jelena strips her out of it.

Eden Naked on the Dinner Table

Eden says she's an introvert until you get to know her. Then she's "pretty much a badass". She didn't think she did a great job at her casting call but now she's a hit at Playboy Plus.

Sophie and Jennifer Hanging Out at the Beach

It's not the first time these two have been on camera and it looks like they've got the hang of it. Nice thongs too.

Gisele Wore a Thin White Shirt to the Pool

Gisele's sheer top wasn't revealing enough so she went at with a pair of scissors. Then she got it wet and also pulled it below her boobs.

Alexis Slides Off Her Skirt

Alexis' flimsy lace top matches her panties. She takes both off in a sexy strip outside on the couch. Hot girl with beautiful skin.

Vallory Showering Outside

Vallory's not ready for a swim yet but it's hot enough that she steps under the shower. She also takes off her clothes but maybe she wants to swim naked.

Wednesday, August 24th 2016

Plumber Spying on Showering Customer

Megan calls the plumber after a leak. Turns out it's going to be an expensive fix and she's short on cash. Where have I heard that before..

Skyla's Got a thing for the Moving Guy

Skyla's hubby is upset after she almost gets caught with her tits out. She's got a plan to show off a lot more than that.

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Strip Darts with a Busty Hottie

The girls are playing darts to see who stays dressed and who gets punished in the latest from Lost Bets Games. Despite an early bullseye it's a close game.


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