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The Grass Sandwich

Funny joke but honestly who calls having sex the grass sandwich?

Laura Prestin's 90 Sexiest TwitPics

Laura Michelle Prestin is one of those models you've probably seen everywhere but isn't quite a household name yet. To help change that she's been twittering some very hot pics..

Fishnets Galore

Why are fishnets and fishnet stockings so sexy? Check out these photo and you’ll see why.

Sexy FTV Babe Jamie

Jamie is pale skinned redhead and in this gallery she strips out of her brown dress.

Happy Halloween from SexyCanadianGirls

The two Canadian hotties Sasha and Ashleigh wish you Happy and Sexy Halloween.

When Megan Met Misty

Another gallery of two blondes getting intimate, consider it deja vu of the one above. A sexy, lesbian deja vu..

Naughty Girl Sasha

Another sexy Canadian chick fresh to the interweb scene and ready for you to drool over.

Amateur Babe Taking Requests

Forum member dchurch is posting pics of his amazing girlfriend based on peoples requests. Perfect thread for the new Homegrown Hotties section.

JT is Bringing Sexy Back

Following JT's dick in a box song, lots of people are starting to worship him more than ever so I guess this happening isn't completely unthinkable.

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Sexy Girl Strips

Just as she's about to take her top off tragedy strikes. :[

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Twisted Sexy Ads

Everyone knows sex sells but few companies are brave enough to take advantage of it. Here's some nice examples of a few that are..

Robot Mastrubator Machine

Male sex toys have certainly come a long way. Forget the fleshlight, with this baby you don't even need to do any work. Don't worry, there's no actual penis in the video..

Sexy Live Babes

Chat to and/or watch hundreds of hotties from all over the world! This is hands down probably the best cam site on the net..

MsDchurch and MsFribat wish you Happy Valentines Day!

Two lovely ladies from our Homegrown Hotties section at the forums turn it up for St Valentine! MsFribats thread is here.


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Hypnotized Into Having Multiple Orgasms

Here's a tip, you might as well turn this off after the second chick is finished with hers. Damn!