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Monday, June 17th 2019

Lou Sitting Around

Lou seems a little bored in this set but at least she's got her boobs to play with. Plus it means we're not bored.

Nadine's Fantastic Figure

Nadine has a seat by the window and not much on. In fact it's the perfect amount for an amazing striptease on the couch.

Lu is Done with Her Workout

Lu Elissa probably spends a lot of time in outfits like these to keep her sexy figure. We're more interested in when she's done with them.

Sunday, June 16th 2019

Ashley & Milana Battle it Out

There isn't much fighting beyond a few of the poses but we think they're both winners. The post-fight makeup is better anyway.

Sophie Sparks is Staying In

It's a sunny day outside and Sophie's got a great view but she's happy inside on the couch. We're in no rush to head out either.

LilyQ Dressing for a Shoot

Fortunately, the photos started before she had much on. Those shoes look great when they're the only things she's wearing.

Kt So in a G-String

Kt So is pretty careful about keeping her boobs covered but less concerned with her bottom half. The blonde hair is different.

Saturday, June 15th 2019

Lacy Lennon Puts Down Her Notes

Lacy was working on the couch but she was really waiting for company. She's got a sexy teddy under her flimsy dress and she's taking them both off.

Amanda in the Shortest Skirt

Amanda gives us a few quick flashes in the park before heading in for more of a show. That's some serious nipple jewelry.

Photo Shoot with Alise Moreno

Alise is all smiles for most of these photos and it's contagious. It might have something to do with her shrinking outfit though.

Friday, June 14th 2019

Holly Michaels by the Pool

Holly is a rare sight these days which is all the more reason to enjoy these hot photos of her by the pool. Cute outfit, especially the second one.

Victoria's Jeans are Falling Apart

Victoria's hair is shockingly red for this shoot but her body is as amazing as ever. She's having fun with some oil and a hose in the garden.

Mica on the Balcony

Mica's looking down at the pool and we're looking at Mica. We like her heels and lingerie look.

Estelle's Micro Bikini is Fantastic

The top half doesn't cover much more than her nipples and the whole thing could probably fit in a shot glass. Her tits are spectacular.

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