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Nina North in the Shower

Nina's naked and wet in these pics of her splashing around. Best of all, there are no soap suds getting in the way.

Hanna From NakedNews Strips for Cosmid

Hanna's going by Adriana Caro but we'd recognize those amazing boobs anywhere. She just finished a shower but now it's showtime!

Danielle Rinsing Off

Danielle's been for a swim in her slightly-too-small bikini. Perfect time for some photos in the shower.

Misha Soaping Her Big Tits in the Shower

Curvy hottie Misha Lowe is taking her time cleaning up and we appreciate the extra effort. Gotta love those big natural boobs.

Brett Rossi in the Shower

Brett's nightie is see-through when wet and looks good stuck to her incredible body. She's pretty hot without it, too.

Kayleigh Fooling Around in the Bath

Kayleigh's got an odd way of showering that includes standing on the edge of the tub. The backlight is kind of annoying but you should check out the enhanced versions .

Sabrina Nichole Wears Her Shirt to Shower

Sabrina does some teasing in a wet t-shirt and no panties while she washes off. She drops the top to reveal her big, flawless tits.

Alix Showering After Her Workout

It's sweaty work staying in shape and Alix heads straight to the shower after her run. We skipped the jogging but the best part came after anyway.

Eva Wore Her Robe in the Shower

Eva was in such a rush to get wet that she didn't take off her robe first. She does eventually get rid of it but don't take our word for it.

Blair Oiling Up Before a Shower

Hot video of a mostly-naked Blair covering herself in oil and doing some bouncing. She heads straight into the shower but that's part of the show.

Lana Stripping While She Exercises

Lana's got a morning routine that includes a workout in a skimpy outfit. It ends with her naked which we guess makes it easy to hop in the shower. Or she can stay dirty..

Carolina Getting Ready for a Shower

Carolina left the door open and we couldn't help noticing her lack of clothes. She doesn't mind the attention, though.

Ross in the Shower

Ross made sure to leave the door open while she cleaned up. It's a glass door but we appreciate it just the same. Here's what she did after the shower.

Nina Doesn't Want to Get Dressed

Nina just got out of the shower but isn't ready to put anything on yet. No need to rush, especially with a body like that!

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