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Added: 03/16/2018

Cherie & Aaliyah Trying Nuru

They're supposed to be learning some new techniques as a gift for their husbands, but Cherie and Aaliyah are having more fun on their own.

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Added: 03/04/2018

Gabriella Taking a Long Soak

The bathroom looks sparse but at least the bathtub's big. Gabriella would look hot in any size tub though.

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Added: 02/15/2018

Paula's Big Butt in the Bath

Paula's bubbly booty looks fantastic in a bubbly bath. It's a good look for her tits, too.

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Added: 02/13/2018

Random Photos 514

This dude does not mess around. Hayley gets nude inside of a classic car. Don't expect any pleasantries if you find this bird. She is stacked. And finally, sexy cooking!

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Added: 02/09/2018

Holly Peers and Her Epic Boobs

We could watch Holly getting ready all day, especially since she's doing most of it with her big tits on display. Now if she'd just drop the towel...

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Added: 02/07/2018

Kay Pampering Herself

Hey, we're not going to judge her beauty routine, she looks amazing! She can have all the time she needs.

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Added: 01/03/2018

Adele Getting Ready

Adele is trying a few ideas for the perfect outfit. In the end she settles for nothing but lipstick. We think it's a winner.

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Added: 01/03/2018

Ava Adams and Her Incredible Curves

It's not hard to tell how Ava's become one of the most well-known names in adult entertainment. Impossibly perky tits on top of her small waist and big booty.

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Added: 01/01/2018

Megan Getting Oily in the Bath

Most of the time, the bath is a place for getting clean, but Megan's going in the other direction. Here's to thinking outside the box.

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Added: 12/19/2017

Chloe Having a Bath

Well kind of a mix of a shower and a bath; not that we're questioning her approach to personal hygiene. Looks like she's got more than a bath in mind.

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Added: 12/13/2017

Lexi Getting a Bath Ready

Lexi spends most of the video leaning over to check the water which makes for a nice view of her big natural tits.

Alana Cruise Getting Ready

Alana's covered in black lace but decides she doesn't need the panties or bra parts of the coverage. We have to agree although she looks good both ways.

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Added: 11/28/2017

Claudia Sneaks in for a Bath

We don't care how dirty Claudia is, we're not buying that nobody would stop to help her. Still, cool idea for a video.

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Added: 11/27/2017

Vanessa's Bath Gets Interrupted

Vanessa's trying to enjoy some time alone when a knock at the door gets in the way. She figures out a way to make it work though.

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Added: 10/18/2012

Carlotta's Amazingly Sexy Tribute Video to S&F

I know I change my mind often when it comes to my favorite 'fan' video, but this one has to be right up there. Nice melons indeed!