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Beth Unzips Her Super-Tight Costume

Beth is all dressed up for the ghoulish holiday. I'm not sure what she's supposed to be but it is definitely sexy.

Samanta's a Busty Cop for Halloween

Samanta's costume may not have come with any guns but she sure is packing heat and by heat I mean some very large breasts.

Carlotta Champagne Nude Cosplay

Carlotta had plans to wear her Khaleesi costume to the Playboy Halloween Party, but she stopped by our place to show it off first.

Sexy Costume Time with Eve and Alyssa

What happens when Catwoman and Lara Croft get together? Well it turns out things will get very hot, very fast.

Carla Strips off Her Sexy Costume

Halloween may be long over but that doesn't stop Carla from dressing up in a costume and stripping it off.

This Brazilian Host Won Halloween with This 'Costume'

Who knew that all it took was some bodypaint and an unbelievable body.

Eve takes Off her Hello Kitty Costume in Silence

With Halloween all wrapped up for another year it was finally time for Eve to take off her Hello Kitty Costume. I love Halloween..

Scariest Halloween Costume Battle

We've compiled a list of the scariest photos on the site along with a few wildcards that don't belong (I'm looking at you bumble bee girl) just to see what will happen.

Aidra Fox the Sexy Woodland Nymph

I don't know where she got the inspiration for this costume, but it's hot either way. Though like most costumes on hot girls, it looks better once it's off her..

Danni King Strips Next to a Fake Pumpkin

Danni's gone dressed as a hot blonde in lingerie this year. The key feature of this costume is that it'll come off during the party.

Playboy's Best of Costumes Compilation

What do you get when you put a whole bunch of the finest Playboy ladies and dress them up in costumes? Basically this video!

Rainbow Brite Shedding her Colors

Blaire dresses up as Rainbow Brite this Halloween though her costume doesn't stay on very long. She looks handy with that wand..

Leanne Crow the Naughty Stripping Maid

She starts off sweeping her huge boobs and ends up on her back with the costume half way off her. I see Leanne is really into dressing up this year.

Mileena and Kitana Get It On!

Elouise Please and Harmony Reigns dress up as Mileena and Kitana. Then they get busy taking off the costumes. Finish her!!! ;)

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