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Monday, September 24th 2007

Luna Playing in the Backyard

Hey guys! I've had some requests recently for an outdoor shoot so shot this video whilst at a friends place. I can't shoot outdoors at my apartment block anymore as we have been caught too many times hehehe! -- luna

Wednesday, September 19th 2007

Romy Slips Out of Her Fishnets

Romy dances around in a tight white fishnet outfit before taking it off to reveal tape-covered nipples. All overlooked but her trusty cat..

Monday, September 17th 2007

Anyone Need a Nurse?

This unnamed hottie is here to help. And by help I mean show you her boobs.

Friday, September 14th 2007

Paris Rubs Lotion Onto Her Body

Not to be confused with the Hilton variety, this one is only 18 and is pretty damn hot. On the subject of what she likes, her response is: "I love to day dream about sex". I think we've got a winner.

Wednesday, September 12th 2007

Erika Wets Herself

With the help of water she shows off her amazing body through a soaking wet shirt. Then she loses that oppressive garment and shows off her (massive) hooters.

Monday, September 10th 2007

Raven Riley Plays in Our Gear

Raven Riley can't help but get herself off after putting on some S&F gear! This is an old video but we've only added it to the new site today, plus it's worth a second look..

Friday, September 7th 2007

Interview With Nicole Graves (Nudity) - Part I

I posted her gallery not long ago and you guys seemed to love her, so here's a video. Let me know if you like these, I can post many more.

Monday, September 3rd 2007

Brianna Frost in a Black Thong

Brianna Frost has the most hypnotic rear end we have ever seen. Watch as she prowls around on the floor in fishnet stockings and a tiny thong, flexing her perfect butt for the camera.

Sunday, September 2nd 2007

Luna - Alone On My Couch

Who can understand the language of my body hehe? This video turned out pretty hot I had no idea what it would end up like when I setup my camera and got comfy on the couch. Please rate and comment!! - luna

Thursday, August 30th 2007

Happy B Day Video For Prateus

I created this video for one of my most loyal and long term members/fans. He's a great guy and I wanted to make him a special video for his birthday and asked for his suggestions. Heres the result :) - luna

Tuesday, August 28th 2007

Carmen's Sexy "Tight End"

Carmen's showing off her sexy "tight end" in preparation for the upcoming football season!

Sasha Rocks Out

Sasha is another well endowed webcam hottie that loves to tease. Music By Rob Balducci.

Luna's Dropping It Like She's Hot

This homemade video is not very funny but is definitely sexy hehe. I hope you enjoy the show...

Sunday, August 26th 2007

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Jamie Tells 3 Jokes

The guys at FleshyBabes were nice enough to make this for us and the jokes weren't even scripted! Hopefully it can become a regular feature (with different girls each time).


Nude Girls Partying with LMFAO

A whole bunch of hotties get their bikinis off to party with LMFAO at the Playboy Beach House. The song is called 'Get Crazy' and these girls don't need to be told twice!