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Added: 12/14/2017

Jeny Boating in Greece

Jeny tells us a bit about Greece in between getting some sun and going for a swim. Beautiful location, although we'd go anywhere with Jeny.

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Added: 11/28/2017

Random Photos 503

For when you need your hoe repaired.. This mailman is the real MVP. Those are some fine boobies. I love this splitscreen view. And finally, wet tees ftw!

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Added: 09/20/2017

Five Hot Girls on Two Boats

It looks like this sexy quintet was drying off after some swimming. After a bit of teasing and playing around, they can't stop touching each other.

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Added: 08/08/2017

Random Photos 489

So much for discrete packaging.. There's nothing discrete about these two. That's quite an ironic fortune cookie. Louise shows off her fabulous boobs. And finally a hottie gets naked!

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Added: 07/18/2017

Anabelle Gets Naked on a Boat

Anabelle had the lake to herself and figured she'd have some solo fun. Hot girl and what a body!

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Added: 07/15/2017

Adela Naked on a Boat

Even though there was someone nearby, Adela stripped out of her swimsuit to lay out in the sun. Actually, she seemed pretty happy with the attention she got.

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Added: 06/10/2017

Zarina's on a Boat

Nothing like the privacy of the open ocean to bring out the wilder side. Not that Zarina needs much encouragement to be naked - she only brought half a swimsuit.

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Added: 05/05/2017

I'm on a Boat Battle!

It's warming up out there so what a great time to look at some naked babes on boats. In fact, any tie is good time for that. I should buy a boat.

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Added: 03/30/2017

Layla London is a Baywatch Babe

There's a bikini thief at large but not to worry because Layla's on patrol. We're not sure she's going to reduce crime but she sure is fun to watch.

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Added: 01/28/2017

Gerda's Naked on a Boat

Gerda's out on the water for a day for some photos and swimming. There's no one else around so she decided to get rid of her bikini.

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Added: 01/13/2017

On a Boat Battle

These girls are living the good life! Who would you like to join for a little boat ride.. and maybe some other activities!?

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Added: 12/04/2016

Mr Skin: Top 5 Cameltoe Scenes

Some hot hot cameltoe scenes from movies compiled for your viewing pleasure. This is also your last chance to get in on their $99 lifetime membership (and same goes for NakedNews!).

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Added: 09/21/2016

3 Colombian Girls Get Wild on a Boat

This video is all about the booty but thongs, suntan oil and boobs are also a big part of the experience. These girls seem like fun.

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Added: 09/03/2016

Patti Goes Boating in the Nude

Patti took a trip to a quiet spot on the coast. Now she's got all the privacy she needs for some naked beach time.

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Added: 11/19/2014

Nikki Davis Wet T-Shirt on a Beach

This is the video to go with this gallery of the lovely Nikki Davis posing in our S&F on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.