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Added: 07/18/2018

Olive Likes Playing with Her Boobs

Olive's got nothing on but a thong and a choker and can't resist fondling her tits while she answers questions. We understand the temptation.

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Added: 07/16/2018

Alyssa's a Cutie with a Great Body

It's the start of a shoot with Alyssa and she's answering some questions while she drops her panties. She seems like a sweetheart and she's definitely hot.

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Added: 06/27/2018

Dakota Sending Sexy Photos

Dakota's home alone and having fun sexting which is really the best way to say 'I miss you'. Short interview at the end, too.

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Added: 06/10/2018

Bridgette Picking an Outfit

Bridgette brought lots to wear for her shoot with FTV Milfs but now she has to pick some outfits. Watching her try them on might be more fun than the shoot.

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Added: 06/07/2018

Lexi's First Time Modeling on Camera

Lexi said she's wanted to be on FTV Girls for a while but didn't think she'd get the job. Yeah, we don't know what she was thinking either.

Topless Ride to an Audition

They're not the ones auditioning but they'll be putting some wannabes to the test. This is just the ride there but they manage to keep it interesting.

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Added: 05/29/2018

Jenna Foxx & Ella Knox

Jenna and Ella try holding things under their boobs. After that, there are lots of other sexy ladies talking to the camera in this backstage fun at Sweetheart Video.

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Added: 05/28/2018

Talking with a Nude Sabina

Sabina's completely relaxed sitting around in the buff. She says she can't help playing with her boobs and that's something we can totally understand.

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Added: 05/25/2018

Allesandra Flashing Her Tits at the Park

Allesandra has an infectious giggle and an exceptional body. We weren't expecting those boobs.

Natalia has a Picnic for One

Natalia was born in Poland but moved to New York when she was seven. She likes playing video games, riding her bike and being single.

Dacia in Sexy Lingerie

It's an interview and a photoshoot with the lovely Dacia. We like her bright green eyes and dark hair. Also, the way she takes everything off.

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Added: 04/27/2018

Jade Kush and Her DDD Boobs

There's more talking than tits but it's now we know Jade likes oil painting. We knew her boobs were amazing but it was worth confirming one more time.

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Added: 04/05/2018

Naked News: Modern Relationships

Marina's in Jamaica and, while she's there, she asks a few people about their approach to sex and relationships. Interviews are more fun topless.

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Added: 03/29/2018

Naked News Schmooze: Talking with the Aquaflirts

These wild ladies talk about the challenges of running an adult playground with a water theme. In Canada. Good times.

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Added: 04/09/2015

New Feature: Naked Girl vs Girl Battles!

Check out our battle page for loads of hot naked girls battling it out to see who will end up on top. Lots of different themes!